Sinista Makes Beat w/ Miko Live At Ozone Awards

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  1. The Beat’s cool and all that….but personally the miko to me, is just a laptop with VSTs, knobs and drum pads attached…..too expensive for my taste…….get u a good laptop with quality VSTs and and an M-Audio Axiom and u good to go…:D

    Buy the Miko if u can afford it tho…..:D

  2. I’m glad you posted this, because this thing fascinates me. However, I am sad to say that here is yet another crappy beat made on what is supposed to be the mac daddy system. Not a single person has been able to sell me on this, because every example I hear coming out of it is something I could easily replicate on my Fantom. I think I can speak for you as well by saying that none of these examples compare to what we could make on an mpc. Ok, yea, I get that its fully integrated hardware and software, capable of using a gazillion plug ins and so forth, but ultimately, is it really so dope? If I had the money I would cop one today, but making good beats is not about technicl wizardry, and it never has been. Take a guitarist like Eric Clapton – that guy can amaze you with an acoustic, or just a simple electric guitar and amp set up….but dudes who use the huge effect boards and run through a ton of processors are usually just not as good (with some exceptions). I am not knocking the product, but I would say to Miko – if you are gonna demo this thing, let me HEAR something new.

  3. I have yet to see an actual good demo of this unit. I keep seeing people being interviewed on how well it is bt if someone was going to drop some serious cash on this…i need to see some actual demo footage. cause like Kid Connect said..all you need is agood laptop and a midi keyboard with some vst’s and your good to go.

  4. The MIKO is a beast. OPENLABS tweaked the drivers to the specifications of the hardware so it works flawlessly. I have one and am impressed. Imagine being able to do everything in one unit. A laptop is portable but U’ll need a midi keyboard or controller for best results. MIKO is worth the investment plus the tech support is awsome. They have called me from time to time to see if I have any questions (out of the blue). I’m still a hardware head (ASR 10 and MPC’s) but this accomplishes both with software and time to learn.

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