Sean C & LV Talk Studio Robberies & American Gangster

In a three part interivew with RockMeTV, industry movers and shakers Sean C & LV talk about starting off as DJ’s, serving as A&R for Big Pun, and obtaining numerous track placements on Jay Z’s American Gangster album.  They also touch on ghost production, receiving proper credit, losing a studio session for Ghostface, and enduring a robbery during a studio session with Big Pun!

Disturbing thoughts:

  • None of the interviewing panelists had ever heard of MF Grimm!?
  • Is Big Lite wearing a Bluetooth headset during the interview?

1,158 thoughts on “Sean C & LV Talk Studio Robberies & American Gangster”

  1. sad to say- I have not heard of every rapper in the world. MC Grim- definitely not. But hey- at least I’m not too proud to say so. I got put onto game that day! So did Lenny S- who is the VP of A&R at Def Jam! ha! Yes, Lite always wears a Blue Tooth- who knows for what. We think it’s for alien life forms to contact him when it’s time for more anal probing.

    thanks for the LOVE guys! You are definitely on our favorite WHO WE FUX WIT blog list!

  2. Thanks Maya… much respect for bringing to light some of the behind the scenes gems that we don’t usually get to hear. We appreciate it!

  3. Maya B I hope you will do some research on MF GRIMM. He’s a very important Mc in nyc. Grimm has a very interesting story. While others make claims to be certain things this brother is exactly what he is. Yes there’s a connection to MF DOOM.

  4. man, dont nobody care about some dang on MF Grimm. I’m trying to figure out why that third vid wont work.

    Sean C and LV are BEASTS!!

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