Scratchophone Makes Turntablists Portable


Since 2004 inventor Thierry Alari has been working to turn the DJ world upside down by creating a portable all-in-one scratch instrument capable of being played while walking, standing, or sitting.    At first glance, the Scratchophone looks like a cross between a hand drum and turntable, but upon further inspection it’s quickly revealed to be much, much more. 

Scratch musicians are able to comfortably perform on stage thanks to stable tracking provided by a hanging micro tonearm, adjustable crossfader wrist position (+/- 15°), and the inclusion of turntable start/stop mechanism w/ adjustable pitch.  While needing only a reliable power source, vinyl, and a skilled turntablist, the Scratchophone delivers a near complete portable scratch experience utilizing components from a Stanton TT500 direct drive turntable, Vestax VMC-002xLu mixer, and Eclectic Breaks Pro X Fade Crossfader. 

Still only a prototype, version 1.0 has an expected date of September ’08 with plans to make available "empty" Scratchophone cases for those wishing to implement their own customized setup.

See the Scratchophone website for more info and check out the video of Grand Wizard Theodore and DJ Fade Wizard performing a live demonstration.

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  1. this looks dope. ive been followin production on this for about a year and a half or so now. I want that coat that the dude has in the picture though……… I guess ill take that turntable thing to

  2. still looks alot of work is needed, also, did anyone consider that in conjunction with serato, this thing in its current configuration would be nearly impossible to make portable. maybe a microprocessor and lcd screen to go in the joint? or just sell the whole concept to the highest bidder(probably vestax). just my two cents

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