Ryan Leslie Plays The Pocket Trumpet!

Always a flair for the dramatic, with the assistance of an Amex Black card, Ryan Leslie has a pocket trumpet couriered to his studio for the completion of a track. Pay no attention to the improvised dancing and lip syncing, but take note of the stripped down workspace and KRK monitors, simplicity is a beautiful thing!

1,989 thoughts on “Ryan Leslie Plays The Pocket Trumpet!”

  1. yo i ador u so much ryan u are mad talented i wish i was as have as gud as u i coukd sing dance thats bout it but i love ur stlye and talent i wish i couold meet u 1 day please hit me up f u can!

  2. Pocket trumpets are cool because they are small, but can put out such a big sound. Every trumpet player (Including Me)has had one of these on their wishlist at one time or another.

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