Ryan Leslie “5 Minute Freshen Up” In-Studio Video

19 thoughts on “Ryan Leslie “5 Minute Freshen Up” In-Studio Video”

  1. Is there any part of production that this man doesnt make look cool? This nigga is like the James bond of production. He plays the drums….STOPS…drums are looping, then plays a riff on a Vintage analog keyboard with no onboard sequencer and no midi implementation…STOPS…Riff is looping and sequenced over drums. I saw one video where this nigga ordered a french horn to be couriered over. Wouldnt you know it arrived just as he was ready for it, and he played it perfectly. Then a small area in his roof opened up and he ascended up onto his helipad where an apache 778 was waiting. Guess what…no pilot was there, nope just a bad bitch in the passenger seat. Ryan got in, flew that bitch to Turks and Caicos and landed it next to his compound.

    He’s like the Old spice commercial! “Look at your studio, now look at my studio, now look at yours….I just produced an entire album while you were looking at our studios”

    • You KNOW he did.

      This man made a banger, then casually hopped in his drop top whip, picked up a bad twitter follower showed her around and got her all studio gassed and starstruck, then you know he snapped his fingers like the fonze and one of the walls lifted up revealing a bedroom with a double King size bed and the finest of 9000 threadcount sheets and linens. He layed that joint down, and smashed, sampled it, and included the sample in another beat for her to listen to on the way home in the maybach cab he had waiting.
      Coolest nigga in the game man.

  2. Yeah those “fans” are hired models obv. One of ’em even was in America’s Next Top Model. He’s aight but everything he does is pretty “meh” to me. Can’t decide if these videos are dope or corny…

  3. Ok so I know dude produced Cassie and does a lot of cool shit on Youtube, but it’s not like I hear his name among credits of music that’s out there. So does he have production credits like that? I imagine he would if he’s in fact pushing a lambo?

  4. Much respect to Ryan, he is mad talented!

    But that was obviously totally a set up. Still, well done and nice choice bro.

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