Rob Bates Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle Profile

486 thoughts on “Rob Bates Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle Profile”

  1. BIG UPS to Rob Bates!!! This man is a CLASS ACT.
    Apparently he takes after his father:
    Malcolm/Martin: “Are a part of American history, NOT black history, positive black role models”.
    WELL SAID sir.
    Im on the look out for Rob Bates productions. Sounds like dude is seriously coming up with Dave Karesh (sp?).
    Congrats to Rob Bates for NY battle!
    This video made me feel really good. Great to see young cat with skillz, drive and modesty. This is a solid cat for sure.
    **AWESOME post Semantik**…shit mad me feel great.
    Mr. Bates-Straight up Jazz head.
    Loved it.
    Thanks Sem!!

  2. i just listened to him and his artist mixtape and its hotter than most officaial albums that are out. i wish him the best of luck. Go download it for free!!!

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