Propellerhead Lowers Price of Reason 4

359 thoughts on “Propellerhead Lowers Price of Reason 4”

  1. well my cousin got it for x-mas and installed it but I haven’t yet got a glimpse at how it works.

  2. I own it and am loving it. I have done about 15 complete tracks with it so far and every time I find something new and exciting about it that I like. It definitely takes some getting used to moving from Reason to Record just because it is almost like moving into a “bigger” studio with more functions, but once you get the workflow down, it is VERY similar to using Reason. The sound quality is SUPERB, and the SSL mixer is almost as good as having a real board right in front of you. Recording audio is extremely easy and efficient as well. Almost all other aspects of production are identical to Reason besides the fact that when you create a new instrument a new SSL strip is automatically created. Hope this helps, hit me up at or myspace/clearblueproduction with any more specific questions. Peace.

  3. When they said u couldn’t use 3rd party plugins that killed it . i like reason but the plugins never make a over pleasing result to me. I still might try it eventually tired of that rewire shit . im sure its easy to use.

  4. does anybody know why my wav samples wont bounce to disk in the nnxt and nn19. When i make a song and it sounds one way then when i save or /export the track out of reason and bring it back to work on it later it sounds totally diffetent

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