Producer’s Swap Meet Beat Battle (King of NYC)


The Producer’s Swap Meet Beat Battle is going down in NYC this weekend for anyone in need of a competition.  For skilled producers, the pros might just outweigh the cons.

Pros:  Solid promo and networking opportunities for the winner.
Cons: Undisclosed cash prize, non-refundable $30 pre-entry fee, undisclosed judge panel, no mention of 2nd or 3rd place prizes.

Sunday, October 12th, 2008
Doors open at 9pm $10 Before 10:30 PM, $15 (21+ w/I.D.)
Don Hills 511 Greenwich St. at Spring St.
Featuring DJ Kasino on the 1’s & 2’s

Winner receives:

  • Cash prize
  • Feature (music & interview) on
  • Free pass to the 2009 Dynamic Producer Conference
  • Meeting with EMI’s Omar Grant
  • Free Music Blast from DigiWaxx

See the Producer’s Swap Meet site for more info.

818 thoughts on “Producer’s Swap Meet Beat Battle (King of NYC)”

  1. Dope event. I’m glad Stefonics (sp) got first place. DN8 shouldn’t have been in the last round, but whatever, that’s how the ball bounces sometimes. P. Riot (sp) was mad crazy! Who would’ve thought that a mid 30’s to 40 something Japanese lady from Harlem and originally from Japan could get down like that? Not me.. She held her own and should’ve gone way farther than what she got. Props go out to Mahogany as a judge, but I think his vote in her round was misplaced. I understand that you were looking for some New York Sh**, but you gotta recognize.. Considering the fact that two dudes opened up with some soft RnB stuff, and one of them even went to the final round, P. Riot really didn’t get her chance to shine. Yeah, we know that if it would’ve been in Atlanta then she would’ve torn the roof off with her first beat, but you dissed her real hard but voting for the other dude in her round. Oh well. Overall it was a good night, and props to all producers who competed. I’ll be uploading photos to my flickr soon, so check them out and if anyone wants to use any of them for anything, just holla at me. One.

  2. Whatup Everyone. This Mark.O. The Architect, the other side (Westside) of “The Story” with Stefonix.
    I didn’t get to make the event but I knew Stefonix would represent us right!
    I just wanted to to post our info for anyone who wants to check our stuff:

    Stefonix and Mark.O. – The Story: A collaboration Sight and Sound


    New Classics International: Producer Network

    Peace and respect
    Mark.O The Architect

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