Producer Nik Nak Wins Second Crate Kings Beat Battle Title!

Congrats to forum member Nik Nak as he once again proves that he has skills and talent for days!  Officially chosen by our guest producer judge K-Salaam, Nik Nak, a member of the Three Kings production crew, came through and became the first Crate Kings beat battle champion to hold multiple titles!

Since winning his last Crate Kings battle Nik Nak has begun working with London based BlaQ? Inc. with their eyes set on conquering U.S. Hip-Hop.  In addition to Fruity Loops, Nik Nak also has started to utilize Reason 4.0 in his quest to master software based production.

Check out Nik Nak’s Myspace page to hear more exclusive beats and receive updates about his upcoming instrumental release.

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