Philadelphia Red Bull Big Tune Round 1 Footage

The 2010 Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle came to Philadelphia where a stage full of talented producers battled it out for the right to take part in the national finals, which will take place in Chicago this fall.

Take a look as producers Sixth Sense, Vanderslice, T-Mos, Apple Juice Kid, The Arcitype, The Incredible Stro, and Cardiak go head to head.

I think Timbaland could lose to one of these guys in the right situation. – Jake One

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  1. dope…it looks like they are aiming to do the same kind of coverage they did a couple years ago with every round…looking forward to see how to work the crowd just right in a few months!!!

  2. I don`t think so. these cats are madddd hungry. If producers lie The ARE,Illmind, Mayer Hawthorne(Haircut) and others can be taken out, so could Timbaland. In this battle ,no one is safe.

    • @Dj ILL One “No one is safe.”
      Yea because you can bring 10 of your best friends, make them stand front row, and scream their lungs out for you and win. Its 40% instrumental and 60% who you know/how much you dance off beat 2 your shit.
      With that said, the Red Bull Big Tune is a joke. I appreciate what they are doing for us up-an-coming producers though!

      FYI: No one in a Big Tune Beat Battle can touch Timbaland…

      • I’m gonna have to disagree with u on that one, bruh. It’s not about who u know. If your music is undeniable people will vote u to the next round. Period. I flew out to San Francisco for the Big Tune out there a couple weeks ago. No one there knew me. I only brought 4 of my friends who were on the balcony the whole time. And they were just 4 out of the 750+ that attended. I was truly an underdog there. And I ended up winning. I actually tied with Hitmakers for first place, but we’re both Co-Champions. It was a great experience and it’s not a popularity contest like you think. Even Nottz came up to me and gave me props on my joints.

        So stop kicking dirt and trying to take away from other peoples’ accomplishments and show & prove. If you’re a producer, enter it and see for yourself.

        • And for the record I did not dance to any of my beats either lol. That’s not my style. but a wack beat is a wack beat regardless of the dance moves a producer does while it plays. Dance moves are not gonna save a trash-ass beat. Never underestimate the crowd’s intelligence. Like John Mayer once said, “the music consumer is always smarter than you.” If they don’t feel it, they won’t vote for it

  3. Looks like a dope event… I was feeling the dudes Vanderslice and The Arcitype… I’d like to hear more from that Arc cat…

  4. I gotta get a goofy ass dance and outfit prepared to get the masses pumped! Every beat battle video I’ve EVER seen had damn near every contestant acting a fool on stage but hey you gotta move the crowd!

  5. I don’t mean to sound like a hater, but that was one of the weakest Big Tune rounds I’ve seen so far. There’s been dudes like Boon Doc and Best Kept Secret in years before bringing such ridiculous heat. There’s a lot of Crate Kings dudes on here that would have raped all those guys.

    Architypes beat was pretty dope, though.

  6. Although I do like the concept it’s became more a hype contest than a beat contest… sounds to me like it’s getting more commercial each year, which I guess is only inevitable.

  7. Great Competition. The Arcitype and Vanderslice had the 2 freshest beats and they had to go up against each other… Arcitype’s beat was fire though!

  8. @ Jay Mills, Okay,the dancing can be silly at times,but if you are on that stage,you do what the spirit of the beat moves you to do. Besides,how are you doing music and not be moved by something dope you did? I think the contestants that dance are trying to give off the energy that they belive their beat has. You can just stand there and headnod,but if it`s dope,the crowd will move,so why not move with them? And in this battle ,you can bring 100 people with you,but there are 1000 more in the crowd that has a say also. And don`t be so quick to say that none of the Big Tuners can touch Tim,because it only takes one beat that makes the crowd go apeshit to turn it all around. and anyone can have a bad selection against anyone.

  9. They canceled the joint in Virginia. This is exactly why I don’t enter very many beat battles.

  10. DUDE WTF!!! Vanderslice shouldnt of won that first round.. that kid Arcitype had some hard shit man…..

  11. Yo Arcitype, I’m feelin these beats! “Rock The House” is the joint from the video, that is a banger!

  12. D-Marz, haha I appreciate the love, The homie Vanderslice is a beast though, it was okay falling to someone with talent like his, but thanks for the support nonetheless. Good looking out Pat B, that is the joint from video, I’m glad you’re feelin it!

  13. timbaland lose to these idiots im sorry but jake one sucks if he says that…
    timbo is one of the all time best, the way he does things are very unique, hes drums are possibly the best out there. im not gonna hate on anyone but to tell u the truth, none of these guys can touch timbo. they might be able to beat a dr dre cause thats what most of their beats sound like, but even against a dre they will still not be able todo it i think. but most these beats dont realy blow me away at all… take for instance a beat like bounce by timbaland lool blows these guys out the water, hes not one of the best for nothing.

  14. Mutherf**kers afraid of the loop. Vanderslice’s beat was tough as sh*t though. These fake Dr. Dre beats got to go. Every beat battle I see it’s fucking fake Dre beats.

  15. Man, I guess I’ve been too naive for the last few years but some people on the internet just don’t listen or read very well. Jake One says, “in the right situation” but everyone just skips right over that as if he didn’t put that stipulation on the statement at all!!

    Think about it, you get the right crowd, in the right age group and the right tastes in music and you could flip some sample or interpolate something that hits 80% of those kids favorite TV show or commercial or something and for those 90 seconds, you’d own their world…it wouldn’t even matter what Timbo put on next, they’d leave that night talking about “that guy who flipped the sample from Power Rangers” or whatever…

    But, 9 times out of 10 (probably 99 out of 100) Timbaland has beats in his stash that would absolutely murk everyone for the next 7 years…

    • And that`s what I`m saying. It`s like sports. any given day,anyone can get it. Timbaland has beats,we know this,but there are some hungry cats comming up that listened to him and others and are studying. There will be somebody from the Big Tune battle to catch our ears just like Timbaland has. Don`t downplay this battle at all.

  16. Personally I think it’s fuckin wack to just be standing on stage listening to your own shit and doing nothing but bobbing your head and moving your hands around aimlessly. Call me old school but I want to see a mother fucka hooking the beat up live, tracking that shit in front of my face, and throwin some scratches on that shit. Not just standing there creaming his pants over something he produced. Shit’s saturated yo!

    • there are all kinds of beat battles like that going on across the country…this one just happens to have the backing of a major brand so we get these professionally produced videos…

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