Oh No – Ethiopium Snippets (Download)

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  1. I’m gonna tell you 2 reasons why Oh No is dope besides beats and flows

    first off, he still reps Ox city – lots of cats from this area move down to LA as soon as their career takes off

    second, all these guys out there bite Mad Lib’s style, and this guy does beats his own way – he could totally be making Mad Lib style beats and everybody would be cool with it cause he’s his brother, but he doesn’t

    gonna download this right now

  2. Although I agree with Oh No being a dope producer, his beats show a lot of influence from his brother. He’s not biting his brother’s style, but you can’t deny the influence.

  3. of course the influence is there, that’s the Ox city sound- Kankick, Oh No, Madlib, there’s a certain sound that those guys share without sounding just like eachother – and lots of younger cats from this area too –

    I’m just saying there’s a lot of kids out there trying to sound just like Madlib, that’s all –

    whatever, I dig his beats but not up on the nutsack or nothin – I’ve opened for him a few times and never said more than 3 words to him cause I’m not like that, but as far as my original statement, I stick to it – I don’t think he bite’s his brother’s sound


  4. For some reason I dig Oh No More than Madlib.. They have something similar sonically. I think its the way they EQ shit and probably some of the same gear they use. Some of there chops are similar.

    One thing in those cats is J dilla. But sonically a bit different.

    Oh No is nice.

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