Official Top 11 Reasons Why “Hip Hop Is Dead” – DJ Trends

My main man DJ Trends offers a bit of insight into how and why Hip Hop has passed away in the last few years.  Make sure you pay him a visit at Classic Riddims!

11. Every single rapper tells the same war story of how they hustled then decided to hang it up to be a superstar rapper.

10. All we care about is album sales. And don’t forget number one ring tone sales since we don’t buy the garbage anymore, we download it for free and buy a 10 second ringtone for $2.
9. Every artists album is preluded with 20,000 interviews on every radio station and magazine where they tell us to "buy ten copies" of their album on release day.  Don’t forget the horrible mixtape filled with freestyles over every hot beat where they basically copy the original artists lyrics and do everything but create an interesting twist on the original song.
8. All albums are not personal works, but a display of their talent in acquiring 16 bars verses from the hottest rappers and r&b artists of the moment and the last producers to have top ten hits.
7. Every album includes a record for the club, a record for the ladies, a record for radio and a record for the streets. All these songs end up contradicting each other. One song he’s smashing 50 hoes at the club the next song he’s in love with one woman.
6. Who is not beefing with at least 3 people right now?
5. After the number one hit finally dies down, the artists keeps it going with the "REMIX!!" which features Lil Wayne amd R.Kelly no matter what!
4. The only place woman have in hip hop is being the blood sucking baby mama on the verge of writing a tell all book, a groupie on her knees, or a half naked hoe in a video.
3. Every record label has every artist in a chokehold by giving them their own labels that they brag about as where they have "full creative control" but trust me if Jimmy Iovine doesnt think a g-unit production doesnt have a clear first single for radio that album aint coming out.
2. Literally, every song has content about going to the club, distributing the best crack everywhere, the unlimited money & hoes the artists has and what’s on his neck(chain), wrist(bracelet), truck(rims), back( most expensive shirt possible), feet(most exclusive kicks) and legs (retardley expensive jeans). Name a rapper who is hot that doesn’t remind of how much richer he is then everyone! If its not that he’s telling us to do that dance!

1. The Jeezy mentality. "Nas isn’t a real rapper cause he didn’t bust his gun." And he ain’t better than Jeezy cause his first week sales won’t be like Jeezy’s. I guess it doesn’t matter that Nas uses rhyming words or that he doesn’t have to say "thats right!!!" and "yeaaahhh" after every sentence.

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2,325 thoughts on “Official Top 11 Reasons Why “Hip Hop Is Dead” – DJ Trends”

    Fuckin A! Hip Hop is no longer about music or spreading a message…but instead has become a showcase for illiterate wanna-be thugs to display their utter incompetence while slurring the words they didn’t write about how much and how many drugs they do or sell.
    Fuck em. fuck em all.
    It’s time for a musical revolution, and I say we start by lynching all the fucktards like this list encompasses.

  2. I’ll name a couple of artists that don’t waste time or energy bullshitting about “the unlimited money & hoes the artists has and what’s on his neck(chain), wrist(bracelet), truck(rims), back( most expensive shirt possible), feet(most exclusive kicks) and legs (retardley expensive jeans)”
    though I’ll leave it up to you to decide if their “Hot”

    1. Immortal Technique
    2. Jedi Mind Tricks
    3. CanOx

    maybe I’m biased but to me these three are where hip hop should be…
    just saying the fake flamer bullshit in hip hop lately is depressing…

  3. looks to me like this website is dead. haha. two comments on an article that probably took you a week to write even though its no more than 200 words.

    hip hop and rap are different, you would think a website with such a fancy probably professionally designed logo would understand that.

    nas does hip hop

    jeezy does rap

    if you wanna call hip hop rap without the lies that fine, but some people really DO sell drugs or other illegal activities to get by and when they have a little money they DO go spend it on rims, clothes or hoes. for those people rappers are the most relate able music figures they have. if you have a problem with the popularity of rap then its not really dead is it?

    this site is dead, probably because of ignorant articles like this.

    peace, bitches

  4. Rap has lost its story tellers. We lost the feeling Rap use to give us. The actual art form is missing . No one is challanging themselves. Regardless of the topics spoken the music can still be more creative. Bottom line we no longer have Artists expressing themselves just lost soles following the blind.

  5. Nicely written.But I won t say Hip Hop or Rap is dead(well,mostly but not overall).Non – popular ones like the 49ers ,Kirb&Chris,Double Helix and Ge-ology bring back the art of story telling and dope tracks.

  6. The only way hip hop died is from the constant analyzation by lil hipster ass white boys who think they get a fuckin’ opinion. There’s always gonna be mainstream niggas out there rhymin on some fake shit. But a lot of these niggas is real and deserve to tell their story without some lil bitch gettin his panties in a wad because Ludacris is on the track. Hip hop ain’t never gonna die, it’s an evolution.

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