Numark Scratch Deck Controller & Gameplay Preview

Genius Products serves up a quick preview of the Numark designed Scratch Deck controller from the upcoming Scratch: The Ultimate DJ video game.  Controller design elements, including inspiration drawn from the Akai MPC, and technology are discussed while offering a glimpse into gameplay.

"That’s why our engineers built MPC drum pads right into Scratch Deck, giving you the true feel of hip-hop."

986 thoughts on “Numark Scratch Deck Controller & Gameplay Preview”

  1. there so much ish wrong with this !!
    I dont know if it some thing I have so much love for (turntable & mpc) that they taking its as a joke a toy

    you can build skill to transfer over to any dj setup !!

  2. I’m an old man, pulled my first no-handed windmill in ’83 to Electro 2, this Guitar Hero shit is sad as fuck. But fuck it, like I said i’m an old man. Popped-locked the shit out of the local USAF boys though. ‘Scuse my language,but what a crock of toy-town shit for the kiddies. Again,I’m old and shouldn’t really be commenting. Fuck though, so completely wack.

  3. people who use other peoples creativity to express themselves fail at fucking life i would say go kill yourself but that would be a waste of a death and that would be me taking it to far, not really.

    hanging out here and there so many people want to get shit faced and play rock band, get a mpc for christ sake or reason or whatever.

    so what we got is people who play video games for there cultural interaction and i so soooo know this is going to lead to drunk jack ass’s who have no idea what a rhyme scheme is and think cadence is some female at the party trying to spit over the tracks on this game. Maybe i got to much venom for this its better than games that are just about killing and what not …

  4. @d – you’re right, it’s all fun. But for some reason, if I had a goat, it would really get mine. The height of appropriation, a reduction in some way. I admit, the world has left me behind. Not kicking off, but this sucks hard.

  5. I guess the problem about this is that you’ll have a bunch of kids thinking this is the key to production and being a turntablist. Then you’ll have a bunch of folks trying to gang up on dj’s to show them their skills they learned and it won’t transfer at a party. I think its fun at a party but it makes a mockery of the art and learning the craft. Most people all ready think its easy being a dj or a producer.
    We’ll just have to see the outcome.

  6. To each his own……..
    but the reason why I think this is lame is that it is further proof that the underground and counter culture in general has been completely homogenized –

    “That’s why our engineers built MPC drum pads right into Scratch Deck, giving you the true feel of hip-hop.”

    you want the “true feel of hip hop”, it would be a lot more authentic in a rented out hall with shitty speakers

    I didn’t know that the true feel of hip hop could come in a video game – maybe I’m old, but to me, this is another version of “Tony Hawk” skateboard video games –

    I been a skater my whole life, born in Venice, Ca. back in ’76 – I’ve met kids that can name all the tricks but have never dropped into a bowl or gone out and practiced kickflips on the sidewalk all day until they got it down – this is another version of that – do you get bonus points for crab scratching? See what I mean

    what was that “beatmaking” video game that was on the early playstation? I remember meeting cats back then that said they made beats, and when you got down to it, that’s what they were using –

    watch, next they gonna make a graff game for the WII where the controller represents a can in the hand

    I’ll stick to real records, real skateboards and real blunts, thank you very much

  7. cosign every thing Short Term the Crate Worm said
    VENICE All Day
    6ave/Santa Clara 2block east of Abbot Kinney

    after seeing a clip of this on g4 tv my son told me he going to be like me, if a game can get him to want to do the real thing it might not be so bad i just got him the numark pt tunrtable “just hope he dont giveup on the real thing for a video game”

  8. going to be practicing all the time, I’m going to be better at scratching than, I am at Madden and NBA LIVE combined!


  9. or you could get a set of numarks for like 200 or check craigslist for the low on some direct drive whatever, really though i might be missing the sarcasm in this post…

    if not refer to my previous post

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