Native Instruments Maschine 1.5 Public Beta Available


Native Instruments has announced the release of the Maschine 1.5 public beta.  The fully functional update is available to registered Maschine owners and includes a number of new features such as drag & drop MIDI and audio, collate audio, macro controls, new vintage sampling modes (MPC60 / SP1200), and MPC program import.

Important Notes:

  • According to Native Instruments, because this is a beta release, no technical support will be provided.
  • The Maschine 1.5 beta require a previous 1.1.0 installation on the same computer.
  • Be sure to backup your projects as Maschine Projects and other Maschine specific files saved with version 1.5 cannot be reloaded using earlier versions.

Sign up for the Maschine 1.5 Public Beta.

Visit Native Instruments for additional Maschine 1.5 details and video tutorials.

17 thoughts on “Native Instruments Maschine 1.5 Public Beta Available”

  1. Is this better than an Mpc 500? I understand u need a lapt0p with this. thats n0t an issue. Just w0ndering if its wiser t0 spend $600 0n this 0r the mpc 500. 0r even maybe L0gic f0r $500 with a midi c0ntr0ller. S0 The Maschine vs. Mpc 500 vs. Apple L0gic with c0ntr0ller? Thanks!

  2. @T.Y.
    This beta release was the last thing NI needed to make this device better than the MPC. I already made the switch, and sold my 2500. So glad i did. It’s worth way more than the MPC500… trust me. Logic is good too, but if you’re just into making beats. Go with Maschine. And if you can get Ableton Live, do that.
    Live+Mschine= ? (infinite possibilities)

  3. 0k thanks f0r the help Marq M0z. This thing is really better than the mpc 2500??!! I never w0uld have guessed that!

  4. Damn this StrangeLove, I really want to get my fingers on this maschine, I have an MPK-49, good I do not like the pads though,

    My dream Studio so far is Maschine, Live + Scratch, P-Bass, 88-Key Hammer, Telecaster, and a Mixer in a Quiet Acoustic Room, Surrounded by Vinyl, a Volcano, and Styrofoam coolers with snacks, and some Natural Lighting. Reliable Fun Equipment, Creatively Fueled Setting, and Amenities.

    But either way, Bound to get lost in the creation, my inner child plays, I’ll have to organize….

  5. I love maschine but I also love beat thang so I sample beat thang drums kits into my fantom x and then i saved all my beat thang kits on my computer then I loaded them into .

  6. I perches the machine but unable to here the loops i had a problum with down loading all of the CD its working cant here the loops can u help me please

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