Nashiem Myrick: Studio Equipment & Pete Rock Beat Tapes

Nyshiem Myrick reveals his top 5 favorite producers while telling classic stories, including a left behind Pete Rock beat tape.

My number one guy who got me really wanting to do this hip-hop production was, he don’t really know this, was Large Pro.

Pete Rock had a tape of beats and he left the tape in the car. I studied that s*** for three years.

Top 5 Producers:

  • Large Professor
  • Pete Rock
  • DJ Premier
  • Dr. Dre
  • Carlos Broady.

Tools of Choice:

  • Akai MPC 2500
  • Open Labs Neko
  • Avid Pro Tools

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  1. I would try to listen to this show live if could figure out when/where the hell it’s on. hahaha

    • Grind Music Radio comes on Thursdays 7- 8pm est on You can see all the interviews and podcast of full shows on Thanx for the support

    • Yea Real Talk —-Thanks for posting all interviews. Whoever came up with the idea to start interviewing legendary producers –GOOD LOOKING-, because real talk i always wondered who made them BIGGIE beatz back in the days cuz they went hard —-Especially —-Pray FOR MY DOWNFALL…. THANKS KEEP POSTING AND INTERVIEWING………… EZ BEATZ ALL DAY

  2. That was dope! Nash Mack and Carlos Broady always been in my top producers list. I hit fam on his myspace a few years back and told him how much of influence he was on me and he was a real humble dude. Grind radio is ill. Cratekings.. love!

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