Nas – What It Is (Produced By DJ Khalil) Beat Breakdown + Demo

Aftermath staff producer DJ Khalil breaks down the making of “What It Is” by Nas, including how the sample was replayed, chopped in Recycle, and recreated using Reason. He also goes onto talk about his passion for European progressive rock records, the importance of having your track mixed correctly, and the upcoming release of Dr. Dre’s Detox album.

Shouts to Dre P for the heads up!

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  1. The thing is, reason isnt really the fact that khalil is a beast! lol. In fact the fact that he has access to session musicians who can create a song for him to chop up and make a beat out of is the actual culprit! LOL. Khalil is a beast cuz he’s a dope producer, but the stuff he’s doing with reason can be done in any program. The craziest thing about his production has nothing to do with reason, lol.

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