Most Slept On Hip-Hop Producers (Nominations)


Earlier today there was a conversion on twitter about who Crate Kings readers thought was the most slept-on producer. I have to be honest. I was surprised and reminded of a lot of people that had somehow slipped my mind. By the way, if you haven’t followed Crate Kings on twitter yet, do it now.

Here’s your chance to get in on the conversation. Add your nomination to the list of most slept-on hip-hop producers in the comments section. In a few days we’ll post a poll to make the selection official.

UPDATE: It’s clear that the list has spiraled out of control and a poll isn’t going to work for a number for reasons.  First, there’s been the question of the definition of “slept-on” and who actually qualifies.  Second, the list has become way too long.  The good thing is that this has turned out to be one of the most interesting conversations that we’ve had here in quite some time.  Please keep the comments coming.

Reader nominated producers:

  • Large Professor
  • Beatnuts
  • K-Def
  • Prince Paul
  • Dust Brothers.
  • DJ Quik
  • Madlib
  • Havoc
  • 45 king
  • Lord Finesse
  • J Swift
  • EZ Elpee
  • D.R. Period
  • Thes One
  • Ayatollah
  • K-Def
  • DJ Scratch
  • Vinyl Reanimators
  • Kool Moe D
  • Fizzy Womack
  • Paul C
  • Dj muggs
  • Prince Paul
  • Larry Smith
  • Shock G
  • Organized Noize
  • Pharoahe Monch
  • Bomb Squad
  • Bernard Edwards Jr.
  • Hollywood Impact
  • Ced-Gee
  • Dan The Automator
  • King Shameek
  • Dust Brothers
  • Kurtis Mantronik
  • Diamond D
  • No I.D.

154 thoughts on “Most Slept On Hip-Hop Producers (Nominations)”

  1. How the fuck isn’t DJ Khalil on this list, or Marco Polo?

    I will also mention that 14KT, Apollo Brown, Mr. Porter, and M-Phazes should be on here.

    I will Co-Sign Ayatollah being HIGHLY slept on.

    I don’t know how NO I.D. can be considered slept on, considering he’s worked with Ye and Jay.

    Also, I co-sign the fact that it’s terrible that Nottz, Jake One and Kno aren’t on this list.

  2. How you could you possibly leave off Kno or Jake One? I definitely agree that Mr. Porter, Dj Khalil, and Exile should be on here. Kno is definitely one of the most slept on in the game. His last album is nuts.

  3. Mannie Fresh, Scott Storch, Dj Khalil, Mr Porter, Exile, Kno, No ID, Alchemist, Havoc, Scarface, Mailman, Battle Cat, Warren G, Shock G, Beats By The Pound, Pimp C, David Banner, Jake One, Cool and Dre, Hi Tek, The Heatmakers, Bink!,

  4. Tee-Double from Texas!!
    Used to be on GoodVibe Recordings the same label that had Bahamadia and SlumVillage (R.I.P) J-Dilla.He put out like 16 indie albums,slept on fa realz

  5. lots of great producers missing from that list
    Oh No, 14KT (and the rest of The Lab Techs), Exile, Onra, Paul White, Flying Lotus, Alchemist, Mr Porter, Khalil, Blu/GODlee Barnes, Nottz, Jake One, IMAKEMADBEATS, Rhettmatic.
    also some great local New Zealand producers: P-Money, Forty One, Fire & Ice, Electric Wire Hustle

  6. ehhhhh, I mean, I see what most of you are saying with your nominations but honestly, I think “slept on” indicates a significant period of time (i.e. 15-20 years) to me and most of these dudes (14kt, m-phazes, exile, damu, kev brown, etc…) havent been in the game THAT long

  7. Can’t believe Dug Infinite didn’t make it on the list or M Boogie, Dj Supreme great shout, also Mark Bee, Dj Nappa and Joe Buddah

  8. 9th Wonder, Illmind, L.E.S., Trackmasters, The Hitmen, Salaam Remi, Dame Grease, Buckwild, Ski, Knobody, Clark Kent, Digga, Easy Mo Bee, Showbiz, Mel-Man. Just a few off the top of my head.

  9. Someone is sleeping on this list big time!!!!
    I will mention to names Kev Brown(the brown album) and Oddisee(foot in the door)

  10. Someone is sleeping on this list big time!!!!
    I will mention two names Kev Brown(the brown album) and Oddisee(foot in the door)

  11. i would say FOCUS/ BERNARD EDWARDS JNR.

    followed by DJ. QUIK. both FOCUS, and DJ. QUIK have an understanding of music theory.

    thirdly, MANTRONIK is highly underrated. he is very much dismissed, but his drum programming was incredible, for the mid-1980s.

    • hell yeah, mantronik was and will alwys be the King of the 909 . Just the 12inches from T-La-Rock put mantronik in the history books. and le’t not talk about the whole album for Just Ice: Back To the Old School classic.

  12. Too many snoring on these dudes..
    Exile (most creative & consistent.. MPC madness)
    Black Milk (evolved with that live sound but still dope Detroit)
    !llmind (beats are similiar to Khalil)
    Jake One (Wht Van Music/Stimulus Package.. Slept on classics)
    Kev BrOwn (Veteran in his own right.. Look 4 Alexander Green)
    Oddisee (Traveling Man Instros’ is all the convincing I needed)
    Oh No (If Mos Def sees potential.. your doin’ somthin’ right. DR. NO!!!)

  13. Yo who ever put down “hollywood impact”on the list, is the ish. They ran things for a hot second and then just gone like a puff of smoke. My fav albums from them were Twin Hypes first album(dope!) King Sun on the club tip(fire) and LA Star’s Swing to the beat(super dope) anybody know what happen to them after their profile deal went south?

  14. “there ought to be no music, there ought to be no muisc, cause all we need is pumpkin, the king of the beats”

    Pumpkin(rip), you can’t have a list with out his name.

  15. This dude Chilly up in Rochester has some of the dopest shit I’ve heard in a minute, you may not know him now but you’ll definitely be hearin from him soon

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