Moby’s Insane Drum Machine & Synth Collection

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  1. all those kit samples got damn keep the hardware just give me the harddrive.

    why is he talking about people doing dance/electro music being nerds and if you make dope music what does that have to do with anything regardless damn he has the setup if your into hardware the way the synths pull out.

  2. Wow he bought a deal with sum drum machines , a dope analog keyboard for 400bucksand that’s a sick ass deal! and i love that mini history of electronic drum machine.

  3. Much respect for the history lesson. I’m not a fan either of Moby… but got to give credit where credit is due.

    • No IM not a piece of shit.. Although i would drop a piece of shit on yo head. …..

      and rob ya ass.

      Sorry Semantics for defouling your dope site. Just correcting kids/benjamins..

  4. Digs, you “defouled” the site when you left a comment about robbing a guy and taking a shit on his floor. The video showcased an incredible collection of drum machines, and that ignorant comment was the most intelligent response you could muster. I just thought it was a lame comment. For a real musician, one of the worst things that could ever happen to you is to have your equipment stolen. People who steel music equipment are shitty people in my view.
    As for robbing me, I realize that your an internet gangster and all, so I won’t even reply to that, I will just laugh.

  5. It’s like he has the drum machine rooms of guitar center and sam ash .. at his house.

    I have a roland boss dr 5 drum machine (got in 1995) and an mpc 1000

    drum machines are more “fun” to play with than software but finnicky

    I like to buy the soundsets sampled from all the vintage drum machines on ebay then throw em into ableton live.

    MOBY sold the most albums of any electronic artist to date so even if you don’t like his music…. many many many people do and bought it so he earned his props and respect

  6. A Wurlitzer Sideman? Step your collection game up. And for that matter, maybe you should try opening your gear up and actually tweaking it to make something fresh.

    here’s a tip from a hip hop producer (which you may not read because i heard you don’t think Hip Hop is music):
    Turn your beloved Sideman over and you will see a series of screws holding the top on. Unscrew them champ. Lift the top up. Now you can see why that drum machine is really fresh. It uses a wheel and sliding brush to make contact points for each pattern, when they make contact it triggers a sound. The tempo is changed and controlled by the pull lever, which in turn slides a rubber wheel across the pattern wheel, the sharper the diameter of it’s completed circle the faster the bpm. On the side of the machine you will see a series (i’m doing this from memory becasue i broke my second sideman on stage at the El Rey) of screw pots which control tuning and tube bias for each tone generator.

    Here’s the crux, follow the cable down from the two speakers (the tweeter and the woofer) and you will see – VOILA a 600 ohm unbalanced RCA cable plugging the sound generators into the amplifier. Cut that beetch of and solder on a 1/4 plug (or have one of your techs do it). Now you can run it direct into anything you want assuming you account for impedance changes.

    Here’s a link to a video I made for our new record.
    At 1:18 i have footage i took last year when i was tracking bass sounds for the album. Pause the video and you will notice, too my direct left a Wurlitzer sideman with the top removed. You can see the row of 14 tubes. I unbiased the lower register to make a tube driven 808 sound. Directly in front of my fists you will see the cable extended out that i removed from the amplifier and soldered a 1/4 unbalanced TS plug. This is plugged into a distortion pedal and subsequently an Analog Delay and then into the Spring reverb to my right.

    I used a wurlitzer sideman to body Will.I.Am in a beat battle to at the Rootdown Soundclash (that was my first one though, the one in the video is the second).

    I pick them up in estate sales and at dealers for roughly 300$. They are not special enough to NOT break on stage like Eddy Van Halen.

    Just to clear the air, now you know you’re not the only one in the world with one.

    Thes One
    People Under The Stairs

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