MixMeister Scratch For iPhone And iPod Touch

The crew over at MixMeister once again hits us off with an innovative offering of free software.  MixMeister Scratch turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a virtual portable turntable with multiple "vinyl" presets and the ability to scratch over your own songs located in the player.  Again, this is FREE, but since it’s not yet available you’ll have to sign up for notification of when the download is made available to the public.  Until then, peep the video and daydream about having yet another way to annoy cranky, overtired subway commuters while waiting for the next train.

121 thoughts on “MixMeister Scratch For iPhone And iPod Touch”

  1. i’m glad i got an ipod touch. this looks dope, but i doubt it will scratch like a real turntable. we’ll see.

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