Mix Master Mike + Snoop Dogg Skullcandy Headphones


Continuing with the trend of artist branded products is the announcement of Skullcandy’s upcoming Mix Master Mike and Snoop Dogg headphones.  Each has been rumored to focus on a particular audience, with Mix Master Mike’s branded pair to be aimed at the DJ/turntablist crowd.  No specific pic or price points have yet been released, but hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on some more info soon.

641 thoughts on “Mix Master Mike + Snoop Dogg Skullcandy Headphones”

  1. I bought some Skullcandy “Skullcrushers” while I put a new cable on my trusty Sennheisers. They are built well enough, and the lifetime warranty is nice, but they sound horrible. I really tried to stomach them but it was impossible.

    I fixed the mid-range Sennheisers and use them for casual listening, while I bought a pair of AKG K240s for DJing and working on beats at night. Don’t waste your money.

  2. Word i co-sign
    I bought a pair as well, had to give them up to my step daughter. Sound is totaly off. Unless these will be tested and approve by MMM i might just look into a pair, but i doubt it. I’ll just stick to my trusted technique headphones.

  3. My homie gave me a pair of some gold Rasta headphones from skullcandy that only a few people have.

    They sound like crap. They don’t have enough low eq range to monitor your basslines. They seemed to have upped the EQ on the mid range and it sounds like the song is coming thru a cellphone. iPod headphones have better sound quality.

    Skullcandy needs to improve the length of the cable for the headphone jack. It’s uncomfortably short.

    Other than that, the designs are nice…

    Peep the gold ones I got
    (from myspace.com/djrayz408)

  4. I got some skullcrushers for xmas..the look was awesome, the feel was awesome. the sound..eh..the range just doesnt mix right….if you like to listen to dubstep..yes ..give it a try, and your ears will have an orgasm. but thats about it.. you cant use them to mix or anything.

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