Mike Gao BeatBox To MIDI Demo

Producer Mike Gao gives a demonstration of how to send MIDI signals triggered by an audio source.  In this case, he’s beatboxing through a pair of headphones, but you can imagine some of the possible applications for live performances.  Also, it might be worth mentioning that Gao’s instrumental work is pretty crazy.  Be sure to check out his production on Foliage and Caffeine Dream.

903 thoughts on “Mike Gao BeatBox To MIDI Demo”

  1. damn this video and foliage/caffeine dreams are embarrasing. i went down to earth steelo on this joint.. but im reshooting this demo tommorow wit a homegirl ..

    i’ll shoot yal the video adn some exclusive intsurmental shit cos im 1000000000000000000x a better producer than foliage/caffeine dreams


  2. thats sick… how does the midi know what sounds are to be assigned to each sound in the beat box? this has my dome boggled.

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