MF Doom – Born Into This (Album Drops October 21st)


Recently there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the MF Doom, his questionable ethics, and faked concert appearances.  Now apparently Doom is dropping the MF prefix, switching up labels, and aggressively pursuing magazine features and covers in preparation for the October 21st release of "Born Into This."

The distributor one-sheet which boasts that, "DOOM has released critically acclaimed albums including Dangerdoom, Madvillainy, Mmm…Food, totaling album sales exceeding 300k," however, I have to wonder if this release will make any sort of significant splash.   I somehow I get the feeling that Doom has worn out and abused the loyal fan following he once had.

This is great news for fans of his work, but with his severely damaged reputation, scorched earth, and burned bridges, does anyone actually care?

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838 thoughts on “MF Doom – Born Into This (Album Drops October 21st)”

  1. Yes!

    I’m not exactly against pirating this album after all that BS he pulled with his fans, but either way, I’m copping this one.

  2. Say what you will about MF, I can sympathize with the people pissed about his bs, but lets face it, he is the villain, as a loyal fan I have come to expect nothing less… hated and celebrated

  3. Well judging by Lex’s album releases of past they go balls out with the packaging. I’d just dl it too but I’m interested in what they’ll do with the CD. I’ll dl it then buy the disc if it’s good. I want to support whoever I can esp with Dilla on this.

  4. if you want a rapper with good ethics go buy a will smith album. Definitely getting “born into this” just like I got every other album. Doom is the shit….

  5. no one really understands the pure genius that doom possesses by ripping everybody off at his shows. hes the SUPER MOTHER FUCKING VILLIAN of rap, do you guys understand that? he will do that to you, so learn to deal with it. im definitely gonna stand by doom until the end.. unless if he decides to go pop and on mtv..

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  6. 99% of rappers attest to being crooks, so being ripped of by one isn’t surprising by any stretch of the imagination.
    that said, i think this really plays well in to the narrative that doom creates. some might even consider this to be a work of promotional art(?). doom often plays on themes of anonymity, varying aliases, plotting schemes ect. so this ties well into the doom’s mystique.

    doom is one of the few rappers who is original and a lyricist, who’s music is referential and requires some thought. i for one can’t wait for ‘born into this’ to hit shelves~

  7. Alright what bs did Mr. Dumile pull on his fans? I consider myself a big fan but I really don’t know what you guys are referring to

  8. “Only in America could you find a way to make a healthy buck/ And still keep your attitude on self-destruct”? wtf
    rhymes like dimes
    but the rhymes are dymes though, we need FOOD, DOOM.
    i think he is prolly getting snuffed by the lables and record companies on the release date. but ahhhh
    “waiting for the shit to kick in as the plot thickens”
    rhymes like dimes

  9. Shit that’s the best news I’ve heard in awhile. As for the ethical/irresponsible artist stuff, the dude’s been half nuts for years, I’m sure it’s with good reason.

  10. What the hell is wrong with these idiots who bitch and moan all damn day about DOOM not being behind the mask at shoes.. I mean come on all you little babies! Get a grip and show the legend respect. Think about it: Would you rather go see a Lil Wayne show, or a DOOM show hosted by an impostor? I would go for the latter.

  11. He is gonna be the Broke Villian after his bull$#!+. Just like I will never get back the 30 bucks and 4 hours I wasted at his ATL show, he will not get a lot of peoples money who endured the same. While I understand and appreciate his strange and mysterious persona, he’s got to deliver when he plans to do a show at an underground club. Yeah, f*** ticketmaster and the mainstream music establishment, not your loyal fans. Bad move, M*****F*****.

  12. He is a genius. For all you who don’t respect, I will buy at least 5 extra to make up for you cheap skates. Then I’ll burn 100 and give them out to kids on halloween. You got duped at a show. So what. That’s the past.

    You don’t deserve to hear him. I hope his music is ruined for you. Ha but it won’t be. You will love it and bump it on the way to your job at taco bell.

    we probably will get a bunch at once. He’s a marketing genius. It’s like he’s just waiting to bust that one fat nut that will get the whole world sticky. You gotta love it. PUNK

  13. All “opinions” aside….. Does anyone know when the album is coming out or where they keep updated info on the album… i can’t find anything….

  14. yo get it through your thick skulls that doom would like to send out a big f*ck you to the music industry and all that comes with it. possibly the real doom hasn’t been seen live since the mm…food tour. do a little research and find out why yourself; contrary to popular belief its not impossible to find out info about the villain or his true identity…just check wikipedia. however doom remains the greatest mc to walk the face of the earth and anything he drops will be the illest shit since madvillainy.

  15. Yea I went to rock the bells and an imposter metalface showed up but a first doom album in 4 years I can’t wait now let’s get a doom tour

  16. dude i care this might be the best album ever and the fake concerts and stuff is say his fans are there for the music no him but im not really crazy about him droping the MF from his name

  17. i’m listening to this on Rhapsody right now. hot shit. he ripped you morons off at shows because you paid stupid money to see a hip hop show. he is probably laughing at that, he’s the punk rock hip hop master. messing with everyone and still killing it.

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