Melvin Bliss Has Passed Away


My condolences to the Bliss family as a great musical legend has passed away. Immense respect and honor goes out to Melvin Bliss and for shaping not only my life, but the lives of many other hip-hop and overall music fans.

It’s a shame that very little is known about the man behind one of the greatest hip-hop samples of all time. Hopefully Earl Holder will release his Melvin Bliss Synthetic Substitution documentary sometime very soon.

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  1. Prince Paul (correct me if I’m wrong fellas, lol!) was on point with that De La Soul joint using this! It’s IMO, one of the greatest samples of all time for “Potholes In My Lawn”! That joint was crazy! A 1988 track, man, I’m getting old, lol! The Golden Era of hip hop was the greatest! R.I.P. Melvin Bliss! Thanks for that moment you gave us!

  2. Rest in power. Synthetic Substitution is and always will be a staple in hip hop history. One of the greatest breaks and songs in music history.

  3. RIP Mr Bliss. As I mentioned on another post, I remember my parents listening to him and later hearing his music sampled in hip hop beats. You’ll be missed.

  4. RIP to the great Melvin Bliss.

    Please realize that credit for the drum break is actually due to the great Bernard Purdie.

    • Actually, let me keep it real. I probably wouldn’t know who this cat was if it weren’t for this song getting sampled so much. Same for many of you, I’m sure. And the only reason it got sampled so much is that funky ass drum break. Who put down that groove? The man Pretty Purdie. Do you think Melvin Bliss (RIP and absolutely no disrespect) told him what to play and how to play it? Keep it real

      • Well, Bernard Purdie performed the famous drum break, but the song musically stood on its own. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hunted down a record for a sample only to like the whole original song more than the tiny sampled part.

          • The break was important part,but the words of the song resonnate. “Synthetic sustitution has taken over this land,there`s no one to blame but man” C`mon son. Purdie did the drumming,but you have to go beyond that to recognize the beauty of the song.

  5. i swear these comment section is becoming more like nahright lol cratekings is defintely gettin more social

    but RIP

  6. Hats off to this great mind and talent. Thank your for the inspiration sir.

    Much love and respect to the Bliss family.

    One love!

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