Maker On Music Making Technology, Now-Again, Vinyl

241 thoughts on “Maker On Music Making Technology, Now-Again, Vinyl”

  1. doesn’t matter if its vinyl, mp3, or wav. as long as the beat is hot. Screw all that purist shit.

  2. you like his beats better than showbiz wtf ? cause he’s chopping , yeah . i liked it too . i like sample base or mellodic melodies like piano and synth if you can play

  3. HUH?
    I play and sample shit. I can’t really say which one is better. They go hand in hand if you ask me. Every producer should at least learn how to play one real instrument.

    • It’s not really what you use, it’s what you do with it! An instrument/drum machine/synth/sampler/ all these things are just tools to create something out of nothing. Notice how the drum machine is blank every time you turn it on. it’s like a blank canvas. there is no rules to this shit.

  4. good interview, good insight. Maker’s always been a favorite in my books.
    I don’t care what tools you use, as long as you’re putting yourself into the music.

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