Lil Jon’s Live Beat Construction At Remix Hotel

333 thoughts on “Lil Jon’s Live Beat Construction At Remix Hotel”

  1. you know, its strange. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Lil’ Jon’s production I am very entertained and interested by watching him work. I almost appreciate the fact that he is in there getting it in with his equipment/software more so than the actual sound he has. lol, weird.

  2. Yeah! This is definitely ground breaking music. Never heard anybody do a beat like that. Very original…

  3. @Woodman! – He invented that style so it is original. It just seems unoriginal now because a whole bunch of people jumped on the bandwagon and copied him.

  4. he has two nikkos? but what’s crazier is did he erase his first drums(he messed up) and fix them on time with the beat? lol, wow…

  5. this goes to show you its not all about talent its about who you know to get in the music industry ,its like a secret society …well what i mean lil jon is talented but not gifted this is the sole reason why they should bring back music in our schools .so kids could learn about real instruments and be original that is what make hits not bandwagon material

  6. Soundwave you right. Music in the school and the future of it is n jeopardy from alot of things. Just look at the use of Autotune now.

    You dont have to have talent to sing, you dont have to be able to make a beat, you can jsut take some loops from garage band.

    Its getting pretty sad.

  7. I dont hate Lil Jon, I just dont like his sound.
    I hate those people that came after him that copied Lil Jon’s sound.
    To me thats when it all went wrong with Hip-Hop in general.
    Witouth Lil Jon there wouldve never been a D4L, Soulja Toy etc.

    Lil Jon’s beats may be real simple but when he came out he was original with it cause nobody was using strings and 808s like Lil Jon did.
    He had a unique sound.

    I think that Dirty South sound got so big cause it was simple to do.
    All you needed was some 808 drums, Bass, Strings.
    Lot of people felt like they could do that same thing as well and they saw others being hot with it.
    To me thats where it all went wrong with Hip-Hop in general.

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