Large Professor On Nas, NY Hip-Hop, Sampling

You can’t help but like Large Professor’s attitude… always comes across as humble and focused primarily on the music.  Here Large Pro talks about initially getting involved in hip-hop, organizing Main Source, Paul C, and the challenges of being a sample based producer.  He also talks about the early days of Nas, allegiance to NY hip-hop, and his top favorite personal productions.

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490 thoughts on “Large Professor On Nas, NY Hip-Hop, Sampling”

  1. Whats Goin on, i decided to become an active part of this site. Im not new to cratekings, I been lurking for a good minute, but never actually commented and what not. This is one of the constant sites i actually check out so i figure why not.. Shout out to Semantik, these videos are inspiring and do help myself as well as others keep striving. but yea just introducing myself….

    …….Large pro is legendary..
    fav extra P Track- “It Aint hard to tell”..”Your da Man”

  2. im going to have to disagree with you buddy….Kanye is def best producer on the mic…until i get on atleast lol…but for now Ye definitely.. Q-tip is a close second.

  3. I dig what this Rock Me TV is trying to do and the interviews but the interviewers are so uninteresting and IMO take away from the interviews themselves. If you want a dope in depth interview with Extra P search the Juan Epstein episode he did with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg. I mean no disrespect to their movement though this and the D Dot interview was nice.

  4. in terms of the best producer on the mic i’d have to ask why you would mention q-tip and not j dilla?!?!

    a oftenly overlooked producer/m.c. and my 2nd place: Black Milk (also from motown)

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