Kut Master Kurt Gives Akai MPC 2000XL Tutorial

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  1. oddly enough, this was the very first beatmaking vid I had ever seen back when it was posted on grand royal website. This was about 7 or 8 years ago!! I was baffled when I saw this, I’d be in class all day dreaming about mpc’s and whatnot. lol I eventually grew up to be a proud asr user but this video (Series of 3) still inspires me so much

  2. yall gotta realize this video came out almost a decade ago. lol, its going to look and sound dated. It seems stupid now, but when it was the only vid of somebody using an mpc it was dope. lol

  3. dope vid and the sample dude used was ill. he actually made the mistake of showing just enough of the record cover for me to find me a copy on ebay :smokin

  4. Video sux hell no! this is a part of hip hop history this is like the 1999-2000 things have changed immensely but for those who know and were dreaming of an mpc at the time this was gold lol

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