KAB SpeedStrobe Is Turntable Strobe Light On Steroids


For more discerning DJ’s, audiophiles, and others that require slightly better goods, KAB offers the SpeedStrobe battery operated turntable speed tester. 

Boasting a 20 mil PVC disc and quartz locked illuminator, the KAB SpeedStrobe promises 99.99% accuracy for those who absolutely need the correct speed.

"Instead of hypnotic bars, the KAB SpeedStrobe features the actual speed numbers. In use, the desired speed is read directly from the disc. no searching for the right band. Covers 16.66, 33.33, 45, 70.59 – 90 RPM. By timing the drift of the display over one minute, accuracy can be measured to 0.03%"

$99.95 makes you a proud owner and will get you started down the path of the turntable elite… maybe.

Read more about the KAB SpeedStrobe.

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  1. Surprised this doesn’t cost more, not that I’d want it. This might have been the same site that I visited with the $300 slipmats . . . not sure.

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