Just Blaze RockMeTV Roundtable Segment

RockMeTV, Lenny S,  Maya The B, and Big Lite bring producer Just Blaze onto the show for an interview including topics such as his first track placement with Ma$e, shopping beats in the early days, and the importance of having relationships.  There’s a lot covered in the three segments, so get comfortable before viewing.

[via 2dopeboyz]

1,054 thoughts on “Just Blaze RockMeTV Roundtable Segment”

  1. Great look so far as I’m concerned and thank you for putting out that cool M- audio
    monitor tip “piece extremely informative keep up the great work Oh, one more thing
    please dont go the way of “XL” or the sad demise of “Scratch” please, we “beatmakers”
    need something for ourselves to compare ideas and such. Thanks

  2. wow! Scratch magazine! That was my shit until they started
    Putting rappers on the cover. After that it turned into xxl. This
    Site is so informative no ringtones ads please.

  3. Thanks for the support… being mentioned with those two sites is a major compliment. I agree that beatmakers need their own space and I promise to keep everything as relevant as possible. We should be able to open up more topics while maintaining our focus.

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