Just Blaze On Saigon, Maino, And New Music Business Models

1,296 thoughts on “Just Blaze On Saigon, Maino, And New Music Business Models”

  1. “Just Blaze, along with Questlove, is one of the more intelligent established producers in Hip-Hop.”

    except Questlove doesn’t come across as a condescending prick.

  2. wow thats harsh .thats a great way to kill relationships before they start. you cats act like these dudes cant see what you post. they got internet too.

  3. I think that interviewer was the worst ever!!!!!

    lol, was she like 15? I understand that its some college radio station, but act like you want to be on the radio. at one point she didnt hear blaze correctly and she was just like “What?” and she had this tone like she was talkin to some random dude that was tryna holla or somethin, lol. And she answered all just’s responses with “Definately” lol, wtf?

  4. “I’m curious… at what point do you think Just Blaze comes across as condescending?”

    Nah, not this interview, but I’ve seen him in others and he just rubs me the wrong way, I guess.

  5. Who cares if I’ve never met him?
    I stated that he came across as….
    So what?
    Maybe if I met him my opinion will have been proven completely false, but I have never stated he is(condescending)
    You can’t say anything about meeting him first, because you will form an opinion on everyone in the public eye; willingly or not.
    That said…….whatever

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