Just Blaze On DJ’ing, Bullfighting, Current Projects

11 thoughts on “Just Blaze On DJ’ing, Bullfighting, Current Projects”

  1. A couple of numbered observations
    1. Just Blaze deserves massive respect, because he’s an intelligent man and he’s put the work in to gain the respect he gets.
    2 Flyprints is basically a total idiot.
    That is all.

  2. Just Blaze is getting outta wack…how dare you talk to lady like that? and what if someone told you your hip hop culture was wack!

  3. Just got gully on this interview. It was cool to see his perspective on something different than just music production. For that reason, I think this was a great interview.

  4. Anyone ever wonder why he never yells “just blazeeeee” at the beginning of his interviews like it was one of his beats………………………Oh yeah cause its F***ING annoying.

    I hate to be this way but I really dislike Just Blaze less and less every time I see an interview. He rambles, has a horrible lisp (on the Down Low by chance?) and if i hear about how he made a beat for Jay-Z while he was dropping his lines for some other track I might smack the vintage Polo off his back.

    As far as production advice goes listen to someone else, he lies. He has an elitist attitude toward production and if you follow his catalog he has done everything he urges young producers not to do. He thinks he is on some pete rock, dilla, primo level but he got famous speeding up Hal & Oats samples lets get real. His “Touch the Sky” sample was off a greatest hits CD.

    So sorry I have no respect. Enjoy the music no respect.

    Honestly didn’t even watch the interview. Heard that Birdcage lisp and went right to the comment section, you can only repeat the same stuff so many times.

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