Just Blaze Logic EXS Sample Editing Tutorial w/ Mike Chav + Jay Electronica

613 thoughts on “Just Blaze Logic EXS Sample Editing Tutorial w/ Mike Chav + Jay Electronica”

  1. Wow… a Just Blaze lesson? Big ups to Blaze for being humble enough to share some knowledge. I have a whole new respect for the guy. This is what its about.

  2. Seems like a lot of work for something you could do in Recycle within 2 minutes, or right on an MPC.

    But cool nonetheless. I guess I can see how it would be useful if you were working strictly in logic or doing some remix editing.

  3. YO Blaze thanks for taking the time to share you knowledge with us about the chop samples in logic pro, thats what up and i look foward to any other tips that you can share with us. keep bringing that heat son, again thanks for that tip,
    im outta here.

  4. yo guys, i just tried this, and slash doesn’t do anything

    I even looked up the key commands… there is no “split regions with slash” only “split regions” with locators or playhead

  5. ay. late to this, but quite nice. been using logic for ages, but never really learned how anyone else uses it. def gonna work that into my workflow.

  6. yo man crate kings is the best website EVER !!!

    this vid is mad helpful good to get free lessons from the pro’s

    big up to all hip hop heads

    check my beats on youtube if you can be fuckeddd



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