Jim Jonsin x Finatik N Zack In-Studio Footage

2,010 thoughts on “Jim Jonsin x Finatik N Zack In-Studio Footage”

  1. ya’ll are crazzzy yo. i dont think ya’ll should jump the gun (dont mind the pun) and think that these dudes are soft.

    i was in statik selektahs studio and he played us REKS new album they was workin on and finatik and zacz shit was the hardest tracks out on that album and that album has all the greats on there, premo, pete rock, statik, nottz, alchemist. give it time and these dudes will be takin on some of the dope mcs out there to. they will get their respect.

  2. ohh well, there will always be lemmings.
    what with the dissing of comments on here, isnt this what forums are about, expressing views and debating them? extending information and knowledge across to each other? disagreeing so that you can go back and question your own words and your opponents?

    man i swear im on a real hip hop site?
    correct me if im wrong?

    p.s i know finatik personally, we live in the same city.
    Ill say this here and to his face.

    the weakest, fakest, shallowest dude i know in what ever sort of music he thinks him and his little possie are making.
    it aint hip hop whatever it is.

    Hip hop till I die. and I wont bite my tongue for a bunch of short sited chicken heads.

    anyways any fella’s on here actually making dope beats that wanna colab or show some beats or anything productive hit us up.
    I DJ,MC and Produce.

    One Love to real music and real people

  3. Wow so much hate on how they look and stuff like that. Who cares what they look like.
    This is a pop music beat. Its not my thing, but Im not going to diss it. Ive heard a lot worse.
    As far as pointing a gun……im guessin it isnt real. They are having a laugh. Lighten up people

  4. OLSEN, no one knows who you are in Perth, So fuck Off. You MC, Produce & DJ and yet no one in any of those fields in Perth know you. I asked around. Im from Sydney and im sure if your name rang bells that far Id know you.

    Respect the Producers on this site because they are all featured here for a reason. Your opinion doesnt mean shit on here if you act all ignorant to whats going on.

    Alotta people in the industry speak highly of Finatik & Jim Jonsin so what you say is your own assumption because you judge a book by its cover.

    Work on ya craft and maybe one day you’ll have a feature up in here we can compare to. In the meantime shut your mouth and keep it moving.

  5. I won’t lie, there’s some good ideas there, but seriously, that’s about what i’d expect from one dude in a bedroom, not 10 dudes in a studio that looks like that. Also, those drums are beyond wack.

    [Edit: Promotional links removed]

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