Jermaine Dupri: Why Do You Want To Get Into The Music Business

More controversy in Jermaine Dupri’s 4th installment of The State of The Music Business.  In this segment JD asks why do people want to get into the music business and goes on to comment that the music industry is the only place where people outside of the business concern themselves with music sales stats.   He specifically compares this to the idea that nobody blogs about or follows how many computers and iPods that Apple sells.  Kind of funny considering that just this morning I was reading about iPod vs. Mac sales numbers and negotiations with European 3G iPhone cellular providers.  What do you think about his statements?

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  1. Jermaine Dupri is a troll.
    Shallow as it may sound… but thats my jump off…
    where does he come off like he’s some force to be reckoned with? Because he’s the CEO of proctor and gambles AXE fragrance record label?
    Clout: NO
    Sell out: doesn’t apply to the “beat” smith of Kris Kross’ records. I honestly think (and this applies universally) that all you need these days is the image of being rich, then you can climb on your soapbox (Jermaine could actually use a regular irish springs soapbox) and preach about the “industry”.
    I’ll give it to him that he most likely does know the politics of the suit game, but when it comes to respecting a persons opinions and especially dissing someone, ill read and absorb an interview with Primo or Pete Rock.
    Fuck that little midget

  2. What the hell is he going on about? People have ALWAYS been interested in sales when it comes to music: what’s Billboard been doing for the last 50 years? People aren’t interested in how much movies cost to make? Are you kidding?!

    Is he really saying that blogs don’t cover sales for Apple etc.? Of course they do. Music blogs may not cover it, but then that’s not why they are there. He also seems to be suggesting that this trait of ‘niggaz being interested in first week sales’ is only limited to hip hop and R & B which is also a load of complete nonsense.

    It’s also OK for JD to go on about ‘getting back to the music’ when he’s sitting on a small personal fortune: he’s part of the reason why the industry is in the sort of state that it’s in right now.

    Why is nobody in high profile positions within the industry able to comment effectively or intelligently about what’s going on at a time when trends and ways of doing things are shifting so rapidly?

    If it’s not about the money JD, give all your hard earned dollars to charity, leave yourself with a enough left over to start a little indie that is committed to the idea of musical integrity and do us all a favour by shutting the fuck up. Jesus.

  3. Some of the Awards Mr. DUpri has were attained due in part because of his sales. Has he ever said I can’t accept this award? No.
    Niggas Don’t want to get in the industry, They want to make $ Doing the thing they love.
    The Industry has a vehicle in place to make that possible.
    The Streets have also made way to make this possible. Niggas sell mix-tapes on street corners, out the trunk… Some niggas Don’t want to be in the industry they just wanna be Famous. Nigga like Luda, Slim Thug, Mike Jones etc made a lot of $ on the street without the industry but no one knew their name until they became a part of the industry.

  4. I sort of see what he’s saying, but its stupid, because doesn’t he remember why he wanted in? He acts like the industry was made for him, but its silly for others to be interested. Most people I know want to be in the “music industry” because they would love to make a living doing something involving music, which seems like it would be really fun. Also, there’s the money, which can be big, the girls, the recognition and all that. Myself- I hate the term “music industry”. Of course, you gotta know it, you gotta know numbers, you gotta know business…but man, when I am making a beat the last thing I wanna think about is a music “industry” or some soundscan bull. I think about, “will this make someone nod their head or give em goosebumps?” I would just love to get paid for what I love to do, plain and simple. I’m not gonna hate hard, but I iwll say Dupri kinda comes off like a tool.

  5. I think niggas want to be in the music industry for a lot of reason. Watching videos listening to music is gone influence American culture as well as the world. People think if they try to rap or make beats there going to be Rich & famous like people look up too. An there some people like myself just love hip hop or whatever genre of music and want put a stamp on music.

  6. good the way I think niggas should really thank long and hard about been in the industry ive been researchin for years bcuz i also want to be in this bizz but Im here for the long hall I breathe music I just love music business too I just think niggas in it strickly because they think they can rap and everything else will fall in place and they gonna get a shoe deal and clothing line and be cheif exceutive officer thats what the industry train niggas to think and some cats just live in a fantasy world they got they lil cds out and in there head they already think there ceos and they wonna politic on the mainstream artist and make them feel like they involved instead of really tryin to pursue it just for the luv and if u lovin what u doin and u doin at the highest level then sucess will come but I think its about the execution of the Idea u have rather than just the idea just my thought but artist should just make great music people can appreciate for yrs to come

  7. Peace!!!

    A real classic said “the truth can make the face of the devil blush” an i’m not trying to say much but you over rated celebs arout of touch by the your bond with Janet is the only thing that give street niggas a rush. I don’t mean a all out bizt but some of are pissed. True artistry is soully missed please don’t take this as a dis!!!!!

  8. Why I see that people want to be in this business….There are a few different types of people that want to be in this business…But what do they mean by business…Some just wanna say they makin music (Be In the business), Some Wanna be the best at the craft of creating music…(Be the Business) ..Some wanna own every facet of the game (Run the business)…Every where you go they may fall in one of these three or as many other categories as your mind can think of. I want to make it my business to create music that impacts this game.. And with all those other categories, etc..It may or may not be easy to find me …Ill get there…Thanks

  9. what it do mayn it aint no hard thinkin baut that its etha get in tha musik bussnis or die for me c all i got iz musik being a young artist its hard to be takin seriosly by thes labls but its a difrent story when i rap. but 2 anser your question .why . so i can INSPIRE pepole thats what a lotta rapers dont think about thes days iz th pepole i want to help with musik and my fam that depend on me to help threw the bad cus aint no good

  10. mane people are hungry..If u have talent then why not use it..Basically it’s legal and u got young folks out here that see this industry as a way out..feel me? so i guess my answer is, MONEY..just being real..thats wut it’s mostly about now…just watch a video…

  11. Hey JD I would like to get into da business because I feel I am a new talent with different types of skillz. It’s been
    a long lifetime dream of mine, A career I’ve never stop trying to persue since early childhood, for over ten years now. I left my Hometown of Cleveland, Ohio move to LA CA,
    four years ago trying to make a mark in da industry, hoping
    someone would take notice or take a liking to my style of music/Hip hop, pop rock etc. Crate Kings sent me.

  12. because hip hop is dead and im sick of these trash ass rappers gettin by because the have catchy hooks you can dance to. me myself is and artist and ceo of and upcomming entertainment label waiting to be heard cuz when the right persons here me it over, plus alot good rappers drops albulm every once in a while then we get stuck hearing garbage, me i would drop and albulm every year and a half

  13. Man im part of a group called Raw Talent. Some of the finest artist, we can drop an album in 2-3 months it dont take us no year and change to get it dropped. Raw Talent is some of the greatest consisting of Myself Miami my brother Stylez and our R&B singer Jay Holmes. We tired of all the BS people call Rap alot of the music these days dont even have a concepte and what is music without a concepte. Not to mention we in the struggle just like every other so called artist. Holla at yo boi Miami. Raw Talent 4 Life

  14. I would like to get in the music business,because the same stuff is done over an over 24/7. What I mean Is niggas just doing it because of the fame an respect but if you a real nigga your going to get respect anyways. realtalk! Now me I would like to get in the music business to change the world let niggas know man everything rappers talk about today is not reality man an if I could just get this chance man fuck the money even though it would be nice to have man,but our economy is so fucked up when I do make it my goal would be to bring joy an peace to every home on this planet flat out no bitch no homo its just I see whats going on every day an that shits starting to get played out I come from the streets of baltimore but currently rest in williamston N.C. an seen lots of shit so the lords testing me right now an I want to do what he wants me to do so me speaking through my music is the only way. An what nigga im hot but Ill let my music speak for it self because Ima definitly be in a record store nere you just pushing for that oppurtunity you’ll see plajamario86 an Im out on top of my A game innovation lets get it holla!

  15. to answer your question mr.dupree, the reason why “niggas” get in this game is because the artist like yourself and others have made this industry an escape route…..kind of like football or basketball and just like those other outlets you guys forgot to let us know en masse how hard it actually is to make it in rap. i dont here you guys talkin about the other 99% that don’t make it. the dedication it takes to to make it. the reality is alot of the guys in the industry got a hand from someone already inside, or there getting taken advantage of like alot of our old school brethren used too. and to correct you epmd used to brag about record sales early in there career (ex. ‘so wuthcasayin’ first week sales are important now because the are a barometer of ones great ness int this new age. remeber back in the day we did not have the internet to provide us with this an artist can see how he stands with his fans and the rest of the industry…

  16. niggas want to get in the game cause you can be yor own boss and to make music they feel is the most eazy job out there untill thay really get into and find out that it aint and loose more than they put in cause most of them niggas suck and should have went to college anyway…………..

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