Jermain Dupri Says Money Ruined Music

2,201 thoughts on “Jermain Dupri Says Money Ruined Music”

  1. I truly agree with JD that kid been there done that and still doing it. that’s why hip-hop got all this bubble gum rap trash poppin off these days. Since when does making a rap about candy (laffy taffy) become hip-hop? I love the hommie DJ Premo and Rakim because they still put out real hip-hop. They need to bring back real rappers and producers to bring the game back. Groups such as Pete Rock and CL Smooth, DAS EFX, Nice and Smooth, EPMD, Lord of the Underground and many others just to name a few.

  2. JD, thats cool and everything, actually thats a spritual principal, your gift will make room for you (proverbs 18:16). But what do I tell my wife, when I’m workin beats for the love…LOL

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