Grandmaster Flash Shows Early Party Locations

19 thoughts on “Grandmaster Flash Shows Early Party Locations”

    • Don’t disrespect the Grandmaster. Kats u look up to, look up to him with revere and respect. He wasn’t a dj who sounded like other dj’s. He pioneered a style when there was only a handful of REAL dj’s, unlike today when everyone & their mom is a dj.
      His age is of no concern, learn respect if u want respect, for as good as u r (if u r any good at all), there is always someone better, but all should be respected for what they bring to the table.


  1. Grandmaster Flash was well respected and was well known in Brooklyn.I had my
    first Flash tape in early 79 the battle at the T-Connection and it was awesome
    I first became aware of hip hop in 1976 and been involved every since all praise
    is due to the founding fathers.

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