Further Proof That You Don’t Need A Record Label


Loyal readers already know by now that I have strong feelings about the future of the recording industry and importance of artists, especially producers, fully realizing their value.  You may have caught this weekends thoughts about the role current and future technology will play in the independence of musicians; here’s a concrete example of the type of ingenuity and independence that I was referring to.

Loyola student/bedroom producer 3rd-Shift is an example of leveraging emerging services to have his own music working for him rather that relying on a label to define his success and sound.

Unlike too many people in the music business, (Brown’s) not waiting for the hand of God to come pluck him up and give him a career," said George Howard, an assistant professor at Loyola, who teaches music business classes.

518 thoughts on “Further Proof That You Don’t Need A Record Label”

  1. Perfect timing! This relates perfectly with your “Are You Making Music Or Making Hits?” post.
    3rd shift has the same outlook as your previous post, where he states: “Good music will always sell.”

    This is really a great story. Perhaps there is hope for the great unsigned producers.

    I know I listen & respect the albums being produced by people in the Cratekings forums just as much as the well known acts in the game.

    Time to take the game by the horns and turn this shit around!!

    MAD PROPS to 3rd Shift!!!
    Way to make it happen brother.

    Proof of your theory is great. Not only did you provide a well written piece on the possibilities, you also provided a perfect example.
    Great job man.

  2. Thanks Floyd…

    I’d hate to come off as preachy, but I get the feeling that hip-hop’s production community suffers from a bit of a self-esteem problem while failing to realize that there’s no need to be signed or “saved” by a rapper or label.

    Quality production can stand on its own without needing words or big financial backing. Lots of instrumental albums… not too many accapella albums. Now who’s really the star?

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