Evidence & Rakaa In-Studio Creating “Crown of Thorns”

1,806 thoughts on “Evidence & Rakaa In-Studio Creating “Crown of Thorns””

  1. beat sounding tight! haha these dudes on the buds!! had to give that shit up.. hate asthma! was affecting my hearing aswell when i was making beats.. wish i could smoke still 99% of my mates smoke … big ups to evidence always coming through with the fresh beats!!

  2. Crate kings be gettin scooped like CRAZY! Is there a email addy where I can send cratekings the production related stuff the week it comes out?


    • Judging by this and other worthless, ill conceived, and short sighted comments that you’ve made, you still have yet to understand how this site works.

        • No full F.A.Q. at the moment, but here’s how it would start.

          Q. Why was I banned from commenting on Crate Kings?
          A. You were banned because you’ve consistently left negative, combative, thoughtless, or otherwise brain dead comments that wasted my time with moderation or responses. This probably occurred a lot faster if you chose to be an anonymous coward and used a fake name and email address while leaving the website field blank.

          • Thank you for leaving this amusing interaction available…stuff like this is starting to make me wanna join the forum…I don’t think I know what I’m missing out on!!

  3. Crate Kings is the best forum on the internet in my opinion ! Semantic does a great job , but if you get outta line he will straighten you . If he didn’t ,cats would just run all over and the site would loose integrity. When scratch magazine stopped thier heavy rotation I thought it was all over far as an informative outlet for music , then I found cratekings thanks to Supreme the beatmaker ! now im on deck again. Sometimes the actual artists or producer comments back on what he see’s on this site, thier own video’s and comments . Like marco polo ‘ dr. period ext. so this site is more than credible . Step your game up . stop hatin . This is a hate free zone ILMAO !!!

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