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We’re doing a little Fall cleaning over here at Crate Kings and ran across a copy of Dynamic Producer Presents: The 10 Track Commands written by Felisha Booker and Ingenious from Dynamic Producer.  The 10 Track Commandments is a quick 39 page, pocket size book featuring ten tips for up and coming producers. 

Winning a copy is very simple… leave a comment featuring your best business/networking tip or lesson learned while pursuing a career in production.  The winner will be chosen based on the quality of comment. 

Deadline: Wednesday, November 12th – 12am EST.

Update: Congrats to Benjamin for the winning comment.  I’m personally a big believer that the way in which you carry yourself has a profound effect on your success.

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  1. I think it would be better to listen to the production tips Pete Rock, J Dilla(R.I.P.) etc. talk about in their interviews. Nothing like true words from true artists.

  2. I’m with Loop Analysis, it’s easier and much more validated coming from names like Dilla & Rock rather than a book written by a female. I’m just saying.

  3. I’m with Loop Analysis, it’s easier and much more validated coming from names like Dilla & Rock rather than a book written by a Ms. Felisha Booker. I’m just saying.

  4. Be unique. Big producers got where they are by offering production to those in need that they can’t get anywhere else. In the internet age, anyone can just find some beats online – you have to meet their vision, or have a sound that can’t just be found on Google.


  6. Local businesses are bread and butter for marketing. Not just record stores, though. I have found clothing stores, restaurants and even grocery stores that let me leave beattapes with them. Let them give that stuff away for free. Make sure you have contact info clearly displayed on the cds and make plenty of rapper contacts.

  7. Being a producer is mainly not about how many records you put out, but the quality of the records you put out. If you put out 10 records in a year and all 10 records are hot then your good. But if you put out 40 records in a year and at the end of the year people only remember 2, that’s bad for the game.

  8. When someone expresses interest in purchasing a track, never give up a Pro Tools session without receiving a contract and/or at least half of the money first.

  9. Network, Network, Network. Let anyone and everyone hear your music. That means even passing your music on to strangers you may see everyday. You may be the hottest artist never heard but no one will know it if you don’t get your music out. Now of course you must protect your music through publishing and copyright but you still must let EVERYONE you can, hear your music. In the music industry you never know who knows who so it’s best if you just give out your product to people so that your music gets around.

  10. The one tip I tell everyone is to try to remember everyone’s name when you meet them and give a business card to EVERYONE.
    Now it’s not possible to remember everybody so write notes on the business cards people give you that describes them so when your out you can confidently go up to that person and greet them. Great way to stay in touch and build connects.

  11. If somebody asks if you can use a certain technique, even if you’ve never heard of it, say Yes; because chances are that you’ll probably need to know it in the future. Learn it, practice it, then record with & without the technique because sometimes it doesn’t turn out so good, and having options while saving studio time is cheaper than having to re-record later.

  12. The most important thing I’ve learned in regards to networking is that you really have to let your light shine as an individual. Before anyone will listen to your demo or take you seriously, they have to see something in you that they can really appreciate. It may sound a little corny, but people are always looking for a reason to smile or get excited about music, and if you come with the right attitude, you will almost always be appreciated. There are a million aspiring producers who go around hustling their demos with a slightly cocky, self important attitude, but those guys can only go so far, because they’re not memorable. The guy who is remembered is the guy who was humble, polite, and not afraid to smile. Understand your business, but don’t forget to bring the right attitude. Be memorable.

  13. Study, Practice and Network! Make it a priority to understand the business of music, Practice production to become a master at your craft and network to get your name out there and meet the right people. Use you favorite producers as an example and move forward. Put your steps in the right direction and the no telling how far God will bless you!

  14. use the resources you already have close to you. This means accepting features on other producers/djs mixtapes, recording with rappers/artists that are also trying to break into the industry. You never know how much attention and ears will fall on another person’s project. Even if their work is not memorable, somone may hear your work and ask “damn, who made that beat?”. Instrumentals always sound better with vocals. Collaborating shows not only that your sound can be recorded successfuly, but that you are capable of networking and putting together a finished project.

  15. When making a sampled beat, when programming the drums, listen to the drum pattern used in the original works. Then, just re-create the pattern when making your track. This way the drums will never sound silly. Too many times I hear producers trying to add another kick in there that doesn’t belong. So, just follow the original drum pattern, and your drums will sound tight every time!

  16. First thing first is to show the world what you got, how do I do that? well the first thing you do is make something with your resources. second make you idea hot and your way and style do not follow a path of foot print thats used up make your own path no matter how hard it will be just focus on what you want to persue and think positive, getting to the third step promote! promote! promote! How Do I Promote? You Say! Do you have an internet connection, do you have a computer or have one to get to? well you probably have one or are on one if you are looking at this that is your main promoting tool, make advertisements and use public networks like myspace, facebook or any other thing that people (listeners) get on to daily or occasionally. Any thing that you can show to people aka listeners is a promoting tool. To be heard you have to open your mouth and if they don’t listen with detail to what you say open you mind and think out side of the box don’t be trapped in thought. Be heard by music if you are not taken seriously!

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