Donut Shop By J Dilla Double Serato Vinyl & Slipmats


Stones Throw and Serato have decided to honor J Dilla with the issue of Donut Shop, an official Serato vinyl release.  The two disc combination of traditional vinyl and Serato control vinyl is officially licensed by Pay Jay Productions and features a total of 6 instrumental tracks, three of which were previously unreleased and hand selected by DJ J.Rocc from the J Dilla archives.  Also included are two donut slipmats in remembers of the iconic producer.

Donut Shop will be officially available May 10th, 2010.

Download: J Dilla “Safety Dance” and head over to Stones Throw to pre-order and grab one while you can.

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2,353 thoughts on “Donut Shop By J Dilla Double Serato Vinyl & Slipmats”

    • I hope dillas fam gets some of the procedes

      Chuuuch! I think Stones Throw will do right by Dilla because of the relationship PB Wolf and the S.T staff has with Ma Dukes and them. Besides Donny Hathaway Dilla is only artists that I get lightweight chocked up about when I think about what they had to offer but was called back home (Telephone by E. Badu comes to mind). I would like to see that the Dilla legacy be able to sustain itself musically, financially, be able to continue to feed his Lil ones and entertain his fans.

  1. Why the fuck does that safety dance track sound like a lame ass midi file with hand claps added. There was probably a reason Mr.Yancey didn’t release that.

  2. yea man
    i wasnt feeling safety dance
    they shouldnt release unreleased shit like that
    dilla kept it unreleased for a reason

  3. chill out ya’ll that track was dope and you know that mferz like you b online beggin for mo sh*t from dilla like lil hungry puppies… wtf? to me that track is better than some of tha sh*t he released and anyway sounds like he played it and didn’t even sample! that’s crazy and the drums… don’t get me started on the drums…..

    • @Phencylidine..

      C’mon man..
      That joint was not that official so stop that.

      Yeah cats be hungry for Dilla shit …A lot of heads view him as the G.o.A.T …

      Like others have said…Unreleased for a reason.

      • yeah yeah nig whatev i think the track was sick but c’mon the nigga is dead… finished not finished the shit ain’t gon get finished now and ALL the shit that he hasn’t released so far for whatev reason is comin out the vault now… i mean it’s not like dilla can put out projects from the other side chill that shit out……. and most of the niggas shit sounds “unfinished” so who knows… the joint is obviously top pick for st and them so it sumbody IMPORTANT must’ve thought it was dope………….

  4. The track is nice,but I do think that if Dilla was alive,this wouldn`t see the light of day. the way that friends of Dilla talked about how he would make bangers and then get rid of them just as quickly as he would make them, I believe this would`ve been one we wouldn`t have heard. And oh yeah,I pre-ordered mine!

  5. Yeah that Safety Dance beat is super underwhelming. It was unreleased for a reason.

    No offence but it sounded like someone biting Dilla, not the man himself.

  6. We can dance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    Cause your friends dont dance
    And if they dont dance
    Well they’re no friends of mine

  7. Stones throw is messing up Dilla’s legacy if you ask me. (Opinion)

    You mean to tell me Dilla would of released this joint (beat)? C’mon…Don’t even sound like em..Even on joints where he did some whole other other …BBE and out the box joints it still had that “dilla” flavor to it that had you noddin and bouncing. There was no question of who did the joint ya dig?

    Stones Throw n them need to stop acting as though they would make moves or decisions like he would!! It’s tough. I’m all for them helping Ma dukes and finding ways to expand the legacy but there’s a fine line. And to me this junk is over that line.

    Beat (if it was dilla) sounds like he was playing around or just learning a program (like reason or logic) and made that. How they know if he ever wanted that out there (watering down his heat)???

    Furthermore- the slip mat serato ish is corny to me. It really is more of Stones Throw / and Serato “capitalizing” off of Dilla in my OPINION.


  8. i bought the stones throw serato vinyl pack they made a while back…that was nice. this is kinda dumb. i’ve been following stones throw for awhile…and this is kinda wack.

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