DJ’s Craze x Klever Battle w/ Traktor Scratch Duo

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  1. i feel you Downstroke. it’s like ever since around 98 everyone cuts over drum and bass and electro type beats. electric funk gets a pass cuz that’s just old school, but not alot of cats
    cut over boom bap joints anymore. i still do tho..LOL. shouts to the Allies tho. good to see they’re still doin’ their thing, although i don’t quite understand what “Scratch Duo” is. it looked like a regular question and answer session to me.

  2. I’ve given up on the DMC’s ever since DJ Vajra only made third place in the US finals in what? 03? He’s one of the few who doesn’t rely exclusively on custom or battle records but still wipes the floor skill wise with 99% of all these other new jacks.

    I know I’m just an old school backpacker type, but dammit, shit used to be a lot funkier! I remember how outraged we all were when Roc Raider beat DJ Noize at the World final in 95, but nowadays I’d be delighted with either one of those dudes being the reigning champ! Scratch Perverts have gone on record and said they don’t play hip hop anymore! WTF is that all about??

  3. @ Dave: The Traktor Scratch Duo system is the new direct competitor to Serato on the market of digital vinyl systems.

    Comparing the specs, it seems as if the system offers a couple of advantages over Serato like a better soundcard, tighter tracking (due to double the timecode resolution) and pretty cool creative tools like studio-quality effects. After a quick lookup, Traktor Scratch Duo seems to be something like 35% cheaper than Serato Scratch Live at US retailers….

    And the Craze + Klever video looks like a testimonial on how tight the timecoded vinyls are.

    I mean, it’s a strong message NI is sending there, but everybody should go for theirs…. Hope that was informative!

  4. What i find funny is that DJ’s have been using the same sounds to scratch for years and years and years.
    Certain sounds that are eazy to scratch are on every scratch record.

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