DJ Toomp Talks Propellerhead Reason

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  1. Couple questions. what 50 cent track did he produce?? and how easy is reason to learn? is it better than the mpc??

  2. Reason is relatively easy to learn… the book Reason Ignite does a good job of getting you up and running with the essentials and basics of the program. Of course it can get as complex or simple as you want it to be.

    Better than the MPC? Depends on what you are looking for. I started out with reason, went to the MPC, and now came back to Reason, so you know where my preferences lie. I’ll say this though… Reason has extensive modules, utilities, while utilizing the processing power of a computer. Still, really depends on what you’re looking for.

  3. I been on the mpc 2000xl for five years, and I’m glad I have that foundation, but I’ve been making the switch to reason. Thing is, I’ll never be able to deny the incredible work flow of the mpc, and I just love hardware, but when you get into Reason you realize you have kind of been living in the stone age. I look at it like a bridge to the next big thing, and I wanna be ready. Shit, I will still make beats on the MPC60, but I have decided to commit myself to Reason so that my skills are relevant to what’s buliding up in technology. Plus, with Rewire, never again will you have to track shit into Pro Tools.

  4. Reason is great for beginners, especially if you don’t wanna spend tons of money on a dope studio setup or flat out can’t afford it. It can be harder to be creative with Reason but it’s really fun. Hardware is always great, but heads and producers will always argue over what’s better. Reason is fun and easy, but it can be too easy if catch my drift.

  5. The MPC is SOFTWARE/COMPUTER. Its just in a HARDWARE box.

    This topic has been beat to hell. Whatever you decide to use, learn it to the maximum and let your skills shine.

    Simple as that…

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