DJ School Enrollments Increase Due To Recession

721 thoughts on “DJ School Enrollments Increase Due To Recession”

  1. People think it’s easy like one, two, three.

    Being able to freely download tracks just boosts this image of jumping on the bandwagon and making big bucks. And the club owners don’t mind cause they’re cheaper then the more skilled DJ’s but play the same tunes.

    The school can be a motivation but this video shows the wrong side of it.

  2. Anyone can DJ now! yay! Let’s see, B-Boyin has gone mainstream, Graffiti has gone mainstream, lyricism has gone mainstream and now DJ’ing!!! Congratulations Hip-Hop, we JUST lost our culture!

  3. Nah nah nah you guys lost the point especially ProducerGoneMad. Are we mean’t to keep all these talented people locked away in the closet forever? didn’t Sugarhill Gang and Run-DMC make hip hop mainstream? but no one had a problem with that. smh. Sometimes i think people hate the mainstream too much. Of course it sucks but…. you know what i can’t even explain it

  4. Decapitatah is right, and just because these people are going to school for Dj’ing does not mean they will be succesful. I went to Engineering school and almost half of my graduating class aint doing shit because they didnt work after they graduated. Also, its not like fame, great sound, and cluture just fall on your lap, people create it and now these schools are just giving different individuals an opportunity to create something new. Some will suck ass others will excel. Dont hate, be grateful that people are now more aware and respectful to the culture. Times are changing embrace it, use it to your advantage whatever it may be.

  5. I’d agree with the last 2 comments here. If DJ and music production schools are the catalyst that inspires a talented person to their calling then what’s wrong with that? We all had to learn somewhere, some teach themselves, some are lucky enough to have friends that will teach them for free, and some prefer to go down this route and pay for professional training… at the end of the day, technical skills are worthless if you don’t combine them with a hard work ethic and a commitment to the scene you want to be part of.

    The idea that pretty girls get into DJing because they know they will get bookings based on their looks alone does make me cringe (partly because it’s true), but its the real talent that will shine through and play at events that are truly about the music.

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