DJ Roddy Rod Interview, Beat Making & DJ Demo

35 thoughts on “DJ Roddy Rod Interview, Beat Making & DJ Demo”

  1. Can someone give me a run down of the gear he’s using , beat sounds pretty good
    He got a live feel to his music . I can dig it . That board looks like a mackie , not sure . That keyboard is interesting to me but I gotta get one lol

  2. From hearing dudes story he’s been around for a minute. Which is a plus if you ask me. He got skills too, that beat was fire. He was rocking that 2500 like a live drum set. Does anyone know what keyboard that is?

  3. That beat was ill. Loved the drums…had a live feeling to it.@ Tony Traxx….he was using a MPC 2500. Just messin with u 🙂

  4. o he’s using reaper to run his mpc 2500 the vst he’s using is additive drums speakers Behringer TRUTH keyboard is easytype in bulit in mouse

  5. the last beat was way out of key, but the chops on th first beat were nice and was dude drinking wine coolers ?

      • Update! I’m sure it’s the Yamah KX8 USB keyboard! I looked at the function keys very close, pulled it up on Yamaha’s site. I’m sure that’s it Tony!

    • i hated that shit pads are shitty like he said he’s telling the truth i just hated the process so i have ableton and reason

  6. dude, “tre.” Is that you acting a fool to that beat in the video for your product? You look like MC Serch’s nerdy little cousin, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you’re trying to sell a “urban” product after all.

  7. The pads could be an issue on the older MPC1000. But the functionality of the MPC2500 can be achieved on the 1000 using JJOS.

    My preference is NI Maschine, Ableton and my Piano.

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