DJ Premier Talks Year Round Records Upcoming Releases

Get another peak inside the Headquarterz Studios as DJ Premier talks about some of the expected upcoming projects from Year Round Records. Among some of the notable projects are KRS-One & DJ Premier – Return of The Boom Bip, a Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier collaboration, and a long lost Teflon album.

4 thoughts on “DJ Premier Talks Year Round Records Upcoming Releases”

  1. I like that korg trinity he’s had that for a while . I had one too . Underrated board . The triton became legendary but its just a trinity with more features . Scsi and got replaced by sd cards and cd drives now usb and stuff, Im telling you trinity . the tr rack if you cant do any better respectfully . u save 300 bucks that way .Trinity’s still go for 500-600 strong now ! that says it all.

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