DJ Premier On Musical Quality: “The Bar Fell Down…”

Once again, DJ Premier drops an interview and reminds all of us about the rules and guidelines for producing, DJ’ing, and music creation. The producer talks about up coming projects with KRS-One, Grand Puba, Ice-T, and Q-Tip on his label Year Round Records while emphasizing the importance of independent music.

DJ Premier also gives his thoughts on ethical guidelines in the creation of music, the damage caused by morally bankrupt record executives, the phenomenon of unskilled celebrity DJ’s, and the necessity of staying excited about your craft.

It’s an independent label, which is a beautiful thing because I come from the era of independent labels before majors.

My bar is still high. The the problem with music anyway. The bar fell down and everybody can just step over it and we need to put the bar back where it’s hard to reach.

If you’re still excited and hungry for it, how are you not going to be dope?

43 thoughts on “DJ Premier On Musical Quality: “The Bar Fell Down…””

  1. maddddddddddd props!!!!!!!!! example of a wannabe dj is…… will.i.a.m that nigga sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. For real, I can see this dude at 75 still bangin’ out on that MPC60 and S950. I don’t know how the cuts will be with the arthritis setting in, lol. It’s good to see someone who has been around as long as he has, with the legacy that he has and still THAT passionate about it, still getting the money without making that the be-all and end-all. He was definitely right about label executive cats who should know better cosigning garbage. All I want Preme to do is get his man Blaq Poet to go kidnap Nas and drag him to HeadQcourterz and hold him hostage until him and Preme get that album done. BTW, what’s up with “A Man Of Few Words”?

  3. Glad to see Primo will always keep it real. This is a great interview, and shines a light on the staleness of the music industry (as if it needs a light shown on it).

  4. These reminders need to be more frequent from the heads who went through hell to get us here. Even the cats who’ve made millions need to keep it real with how they got there. The integrity in music is going out the window these days.

  5. Primo is the MAN , love all his work. I was agreeing with everything he said, must mean im right then 🙂 hehe

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