DJ Premier, Nottz, DJ Toomp @ Red Bull Big Tune

The highest profile producer beat battle returns to the west coast with the Los Angeles and San Francisco of the Red Bull Big Tune producer battle. As expected, Vitamin D and J. Moore will host each event while producers DJ Toomp and Rick Rock will be featured at the San Francisco event and producers DJ Premier and Nottz will be featured at the Los Angeles event.

Both events start at 8pm and require only $5 charitable donation for entry.  The regional battles are always exciting, so make sure to attend if you’re in the area.

Thursday, May 27th (Los Angeles)
Feat. DJ Premier & Nottz

Friday, June 4th (San Francisco)
Feat. DJ Toomp & Rick Rock

491 thoughts on “DJ Premier, Nottz, DJ Toomp @ Red Bull Big Tune”

    • RB’s Big Tune is fairly new, and there are a lot of other beat battles in the country…but I figure nothing takes the place of hard work and dedication…battles are fun though, while they may not turn anyone into a star….

  1. You don’t blow up from winning these events. You just get more exposure. The guy who won the Big Tunes in Washington D.C. in 08 isn’t doing nothing major. Cats like Oddisee, Kev Brown, AB the producer, etc. don’t even enter these events. They just know a lot of dudes. Best Kept Secret were discovered by Wale, but not at the Big Tunes. U only enter these events to get your name out in hopes of meeting new cats that have a buzz and even veterans. But blowing up?, that’s only if you wanna be mainstream. You still have to promote your music on your own.

  2. Ahhhhh… DNA lounge was my spot back in my 20’s for hip hop. They haven’t had shit there in a minute (mostly metal and bs) Rick Rock is from the Bay so it’s all good but I would love to see Preem. I’m wit it!

  3. bobbyrowsdower, this has nothing to do with hating. The game is saturated as hell and for everyone to be “mega” producers would be unrealistic. The best music has been made by cats who don’t try to blow up. Dilla never blew up, but his production was everywhere from 96 to 2006. 10 years of great music by a cat who didn’t want the spotlight. That’s all I’m saying.

    • yeah, I think we all have that dream of being able to do this music stuff for a living though and lets face it, although Dilla never “blew up,” he made his kind of music in a different era where he could realistically do it full time for a living. I once read from Mike Chav that Jive records fronted 300k for him to design and build Dilla’s home studio. Since none of us will ever have that type of support we have to do exactly what you said in an earlier post; enter these kinds of contests, build relationships, make great music and do a hell of alot of self promotion…and that’s all just to maybe get a few placements which probably isn’t enough to live off of for any length of time!!!

  4. Back in the day you would throw ur own partys and get ur beats played that way, whats wrong with everyone today? Everything needs be fast and RIGHT F#KIN NOW.

  5. my only problem with these events is the dumb ass dancing! I dont want to see a man dance around doing air guitar and air drums to a 45 second beat snippet. C’mon

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