DJ Hero Trailer Makes You Want To Read A Book Instead

4,663 thoughts on “DJ Hero Trailer Makes You Want To Read A Book Instead”

  1. the first time I met a kid that played Tony Hawk nonstop, but didn’t actually skate, I knew the world was going to end soon –

    this confirms my fears –

    this will defiantly unleash some sort of biblical punishment on the world –

    we have gone to far into the wackness to ever claw our way out again –

  2. oh course their not aiming for crate kings shit. u mutha fuckas use too much samples. they cant clear all the samples. maybe if u dudes did ORIGINAL work and not take music from artists this shit would excite u

  3. You are jokeing right? Nobody can be that stupid.

    Short Term the Space Germ – you said it brother!

  4. @Kay

    You are a good damn fool for coming here and saying that shit homie.

    Sampling is an original art. The act of taking a portion of someone’s music and chopping it up, changing the pitch, rearranging it, dropping a bassline and some boom bap drums is original.
    Also, why the fuck are you on this website?

  5. @Kay
    I won’t waste too much time dealing with your unintelligible comment, so I’ll just say this:

    1. Sampling/beatmaking has nothing to do with DJ Hero.
    2. DJ’s by their very nature play other people’s music.
    3. First time commenter + fake email address.

    I’m off to enjoy my weekend.

  6. I got in to Sampling/beatmaking from dj i would sample other well know song to make my own remix
    that Gwen Stefani Bananas over rick james beat is a sample made in to a remix

    thats just how I feel

  7. Thank you Semantik for setting Kay straight. This game was a loosing effort from the beginning. When I saw the controller,I knew the game was lame. The preview makes it look even worse.

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