DJ Hero 2 Trailer: What’s In Your Bag?

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  1. I know a guy who teaches guitar. He had to stop when guitar hero came out. Too many crying kids and angry moms on the phone. They actually thought they could play because they where doing good in the game.

  2. Don’t understand why there is so much hate for the game…I mean cmon son most mc’s and rap groups don’t even have DJ’s anymore…and damn near every new dj controllor interface is more like using DJ hero..than actually spinning.

    I see these cats spinning on (insert any random interface here) and lets be real…you can’t be 100% sure if they doing live it or not. Got ant-skip, auto goes to were you want it to ect….I hate to say it but thats whack. No dis cuz I know all these interfaces are the future. But some of that ish aint djing. With that being said, you would think I would dis dj hero too, but nope. It’s a game. I mean you cats play madden and nba2k….does that mean you can run for 100 yds or do a 360 dunk…naw. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play the game either.

  3. If I’m gonna play a video game, I’d much rather play this than anything else…it’s just a game.

  4. This game does give a little insight on what djing really is. You have a fader,and a turntable. Most people thought you just scratched the record,and nothing else. i would always get the question “what is that thing in between the turntables?” I would laugh and tell them it`s a mixer,you need that to make the whole thing work. These things are shown on this game,even if it`s just a little bit. I have seen some kids really get interested in djing and more into hip hop because of this game. In a nutshell,that`s all I ask of this game .to make it fun and interesting, like it really is.

      • Uhhhhh, as far as I can tell this site is ran by one dude (Semantik) on his own time as he has a moment to post. If you’d like to have a site where only “producing” (whatever the hell that means) is focused on, I’d suggest you go start your own website. I, for one, appreciate the site and look forward to any kind of new info. that gets dropped here.

        • Thanks Juice, you’re exactly right. I run the site by myself and post any news about production, vinyl collecting, or DJ’ing that I find interesting. Sometimes this even includes video games.

          • I agree this that these Dj hero posts have nothing to do with the theme of the site. you can tell by the comments no one cares about this videogame and it makes the site seem tacky.

          • @Jon

            Your comment would have held a lot more weight if you hadn’t changed your name and email address to make it. This site may be tacky in your eyes, but switching your identity to make a critical comment makes you seem cowardly.

        • Maybe take a better look at what kind of site ur on, some links include titels like production tips etc…

          Now if you start a site where people can comment you open yourself up for all kinds of critisism. But thats a whole other topic.

          • Some links are also titled video games, artwork, and gadgets. I get it. You don’t like DJ Hero. However, this site has been covering music related video games for years and will not change simply because you and others do not approve.

  5. DJing is dying out – for real – I live in a area that used to produce some top notch DJ’s, but I can’t remember the last time I saw somebody do a straight DJ/turntabalist set with only wax – even the serato guys are getting lazy IMO, cause instead of creating custom sounds and scratch packs, they are just using it to spin MP3s

    guess my point is, I’m not going to play this cause I don’t play video games, but to be honest, I’d have to say I agree with Big Phil, I don’t really think it’s going to hurt DJing cause DJing is already hurting

    hopefully some youngbloods will want to pick it (turntabalsim) and run with it, but as far as I’m concerned, real DJs are getting more rare now

    big ups to Semanik as always for staying hip to current trends and keeping the rest of us posted – I’d bet $100 he knew everybody would rip into this game when he posted it, but he put it up anyways – lol

  6. the game itself is pretty wak compard to other rhythm based games but in my opinion a good introductionn for the kids!

  7. You’d think dj’s don’t like to have fun judging by the reaction. haha

    It’s true though…
    Do footballers not play football games?
    Basketballers not play basketball games?
    Military members not play war games? what?
    Doctor’s not play Operation?

    No it’s not an accurate representation of dj’ing but you know for some reason there isn’t an accurate “piano playing” game either.

  8. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Dj Hero is for Real DeeJays! I was spinning in the club Saturday night using only two turntables and the Mutha-bleepin microphone… that came with the game-Dawgs!
    If these other punk a$$ wanna be DJs can get paid to “spin” with a damn Ipod, then I am getting paid for “spinning” my little brother’s Dj Hero at a club! By the way, I do not take requests. Becuase I havent passed level three.

  9. You know this is a Bomb game when they have Woody Harrelson beat boxing on the demo video! When I say “Natural”, you say “Born Killas!!!”

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