DJ A-Trak Remembers Roc Raida


DJ A-Trak takes a few moments to share some very personal memories of legendary turntablist DJ Roc Raida. A-Trak recalls the deep impression that Roc Raida left on the then up and coming battle DJ and tells a number of personal anectdotes that convey Raida’s sincere nature.

When you’re this passionate about your craft, when it feels like your true calling in life, you have icons in whose footsteps you want to follow. Any battle DJ will tell you about the countless hours that they spent on a daily basis studying videotapes of the champs. When I was 13, 14, 15, that was Roc Raida to me. He was the 1995 DMC World Champion and I won in 97, so he was my direct source of inspiration.

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  1. Its sad 2 loose someone of great value…I didn’t know him but itz just as sad as loosing Mr Jay Dilla. I will d.i.t.c. to see if I can some of his stuff. Thanx Theko The k.o. (R.S.A)

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